Good Morning!

I have been trying to cruise again since March of 2020, when we returned from our 5th one.  That trip was unforgettable, as we returned to Texas on March 1st, and the world shut down on March 13th.  Due to all the uncertainties surrounding covid, each time I tried to make plans for a subsequent trip, I ended up cancelling it.  Unfortunately, the Alaska trip of 2023 is in that category; it has become cost prohibitive with the rising prices nowadays, so I’m cancelling the land trip I was hoping to take.  I did actually book an Alaska cruise for 2023 (but I won’t be on it), so if you’d like to take that trip, Harlan is ready to take your reservation.  It sails from Anchorage, AK on 7/7/23 and arrives in Vancouver, BC, Canada on 7/14, and it runs about $1,000.  He can be reached at hholst334@yahoo.com and 630-334-4646.

The good news is, I will be hosting a cruise in February 2024 from Miami to the Caribbean. We’ll be on the Oasis, which was the gigantic ship we were on in 2015, the first DWJ cruise. Unbelievably, prices are still about the same, so Harlan is working on finalizing the details. We should be able to take the cruise and fly into and out of Miami for about $1500.  I will post the specifics when they are set, so start setting up your roommate arrangements now!

Dance venues hosted by DJ Dave, Courtney, and myself continue to be packed, which is awesome!  We rocked the house yesterday at the VFW and the Elgin Moose Lodge on Friday, as usual!  We’ll continue dancing couples and lines at the Moose on the 2nd and 4th Fridays in 2023 from 7 – 11 pm.  Carmina’s Mexican Restaurant in Elgin every Tuesday is the new place to be for ONLY line dancing from 7 – 10 pm. Additionally, we’re going to try a new venue, the McHenry VFW, which is just huge and will also fit couples and line dancers.  Our first dance in McHenry will be Saturday January 28th from 7 – 11 pm.  All venues have a $10 cover charge; please join us!!

As today is Martin Luther King Day, the Elgin and Hanover Township Senior Centers are closed.  Their classes will not meet this Monday, but I will be teaching Intermediate lines at 4:45 and 2 Step for Couples at 6:15 TODAY at my clubhouse in Elgin.

Love to ALL of you, and I’ll see you on the dance floor TOMORROW at Carmina’s with DJ Dave!!