Happy New Week!!

As you know, DJ Dave and I tested a new dance venue this past Saturday night, Black & Gray Brewing Co. in East Dundee.  Many thanks to to the 55 line & couples dancers who came to try it out with us!  A good time was had by all; the laminate floor was lovely, although not huge.  The owner said we could open the windows to let the cool air in if we got hot, which we did.  The drinks were unique and tasty.  And so, follow up info is ready to share.

The ongoing problem is still among us.  The Baby Boomer crowd which DJ Dave & I attract loves to dance, but overall, not to drink while they’re dancing – myself among them (BAAAAAD things happen when I drink).  To quote the owner, “There’s no doubt that people were drinking but the #1 seller was water at $1 a piece.”  I’ll translate that to say we didn’t generate the amount of business she was hoping for – which is our ongoing problem.  What we think is buying enough product, management does not think.  This happened most famously with Cadillac Ranch, which is part of Moretti’s & owned by ACE, Inc., and is now a banquet hall.  (Side note: Please do not think any Moretti’s location will be a possibility in which to dance, as ACE knows we don’t generate the sales numbers of food and drink they want, and so they WILL NOT have us back.  Like, ever.)

Due to this issue, we pay rent for the facilities where we dance in an effort to compensate, create good will, and continue our mutual addiction of dancing.  And so where DJ Dave or DJ Atlas and I host dancing, a $10 cover is charged – because as much as we love you, folks, your DJ & I will not pay that rental fee so you can have a cheap or free night out dancing.  We can all pitch in and pay it together.  Last Saturday we had people deliberately slip through and avoid paying the cover charge.  Some even argued with my assistant – and me – about it.  Why did Spotted Fox not charge a cover, and you do, I was asked?  Well, SF got sick of not meeting their business numbers and so instituted a cover charge to help make up for the shortage.  When that happened, less people attended, and many people complained.  Is this starting to make sense yet?  

Folks, I love you.  DJ Dave and DJ Atlas do too.  If we didn’t, we wouldn’t have the jobs we have of entertaining you.  Please work with us and pitch in so we and the venue can get paid for finding a place so you can dance, playing the music so you can dance, and opening the doors and providing a dance floor so you can dance.  Do you work for free?  Please remember:  We truly are on your side.

We do not appreciate arguing with you about what we have to do in order to provide you a place for you to dance.  If you are going to compare us unfavorably to other hosts, don’t come to a dance we host.  If you are going to slip in and not pay your cover – or not pay your cover and look me in the eye and have pleasant conversation with me (yes, I know who you are; I’m not stupid, nor are my people!) – don’t come to a dance we host.  If you are not happy about paying a cover and you want to argue about it, don’t come to a dance we host.  Courtney and I spend hours hunting for SOLID venues in which to dance (we are dancers ourselves, and so we know what to look for, did you know that?), and DJ Dave and Atlas are EXCELLENT DJ’s.  You are receiving a quality product.  Either attend willingly and pay your shot and enjoy yourself, or stay home. I hope I’m clear.  

Black and Gray will host us again one more time, as agreed, on this upcoming Saturday, November 12, from 7 – 11 pm.  Dave will DJ, I will teach 2 line dance lessons, and Courtney will collect the cover as you enter the dance area.  We’d all love to see you there if you would like to attend and pay your cover with a smile.  If you do attend and and cause any of the problems I’ve noted, I will confront you and escort you out.  This ain’t high school, and Mamma’s annoyed that another one has bitten the dust.

If anyone knows of a possible Saturday night venue, please let me know, and I will follow up with the venue and try to work out a deal.  We would all like a regular Saturday night venue.  I have no more energy to try to find one on my own.