ANOTHER Announcement?  You’ve got to be kidding!  I’m not even sitting next to you and I can “hear” you roll your eyes!  But the world is re-settling down, and since we’re doing more things, let’s do THIS!!

I’ve spoken with Harlan and he’s assured me that cruising is pretty much back to normal.  That means I don’t have to worry about anyone being quarantined because of a positive test – which would really destroy the group cruise experience.  Therefore, I booked a cruise we will actually take!  Harlan is holding a block of rooms and is ready to take your reservation.  $250 holds your room and the final payment isn’t due until the end of this year.

We’ll be traveling to the Caribbean on a one-week cruise on the OASIS on 2/25/24, which is the ship we sailed on during my first cruise in 2015.  She’s monstrous, and stunning!  I’m so excited to be sharing her with you on this trip.  Because she’s so ginormous, many types of staterooms exist.  Please call Harlan at 630.334.4646 or email him at to discuss them, or take a look at  DANG but I’ve missed cruising!!

I’ve also missed Tennessee; I’ll be leaving tomorrow to visit (and teach TWO workshops!!) for the weekend.  This Thursday’s AND MONDAY’S classes are impacted:

  • Elgin morning Intermediates will meet at Judy’s
  • Hoffman Estates’ Beginner 1 class will be starting Session 7; Karen will teach for me
  • Elgin’s evening Beginner 1 class WILL NOT MEET
  • Darien’s Beginner 1 class will also be starting Session 7; Karen will teach here too!
  • ALSO, Monday’s Elgin Senior Center class WILL NOT MEET
  • Monday’s Hanover Township WILL NOT MEET (cancelled per the venue)
  • Elgin’s evening Intermediates WILL NOT MEET

Sheesh some times traveling is a pain.  I’ll miss you, but I’ll be back Monday by 6 pm!  One more thing – remember to take a look at the event website:  Hugs to all!