I love to travel. It’s always been my dream to see more of this world, especially the great U.S. of A. When I met Beth in September at a line dance convention in Colorado, she invited me to visit her dance world in Myrtle Beach, SC. As you may know, I just returned. Check this out:

1) Covid doesn’t seem to exist near the ocean – well, in Myrtle Beach, anyway. I think I saw 4 people wearing a mask in the 4 days I was there. Beth’s dance classes were full, and the country bars and nightclubs were packed. It warmed my heart to see “normal” life again. I hope and pray that will happen everywhere, and soon.

2) People like to dance. Period. Over and over again, I’ve seen pods of line dancers everywhere, in their own dance communities. I really enjoy meeting them and picking up new dances they do to share with my group. I’m also always intrigued to see which dances are known across the country (Tush Push & Dizzy consistently make the list).

I hope you take advantage of the option to visit undiscovered places as well! But if you’re here with me in Chicagoland, like the song says, COME DANCE WITH ME!! It’s fun, and you’ll immediately become part of a worldwide FAMILY!  Please visit http://www.dancewithjanet.com/ for all the details (click on the Classes & Dances tab).

*Beginner 1 Lines – Elgin (ongoing) & Wheaton (starts 11/8)
*Couples Two Step & Patterns – Geneva
*Intermediate Lines – Geneva

*Beginner 2 (Improver)  Lines – Wheaton
*Dancing at Gambit’s – Bartlett

*Beginner 1 Lines – Wheaton (ongoing) & McHenry (starts 11/17)
*Beginner 2 (Improver)  Lines – Wheaton (LAST CLASS IS 11/3)

*Intermediate Lines – Aurora
*Beginner 1 Lines – Darien

*Dancing at Spotted Fox – St. Charles

SUNDAYS 11/5, 12/5, 12/19:
*Dancing at the VFW – Wheaton (11/21’s dance has been cancelled)

Love you all,


P.S. **NEW!!!**
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STILL love ya!


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