No Lessons Tonight

Happy Monday!

I’m sorry for the late notice, but THREE classes WILL NOT MEET this week.  I received word that the venue in which we meet is closed this week, and so it is unavailable.  Please make a note of this, and come to another class if you can.  We will resume meeting in Elgin next week, March 13th; thanks for your understanding.  Classes affected:

– Intermediate Lines @ 4:45 pm on Monday in Elgin WILL NOT MEET 3/6
– Couples’ Double Two @ 6:15 pm on Monday in Elgin WILL NOT MEET 3/6
– Beginner 1 Lines @ 6:15 pm on Thursday in Elgin WILL NOT MEET 3/9
– SPECIAL NOTE:  Intermediate Lines @ 10:00 am on Thursday 3/9 will probably meet in another location; stay tuned

Our BRIDGE Dance this Sunday afternoon 3/12 WILL MEET at the Wheaton VFW from 1-4 pm.  Save $$ by registering online at, as it’s $15 thru this Thursday night and $20 at the door.  I forgot to post the song list earlier, so it follows, and you’ll also see it when you register.  My apologies; planning the Midwest Country Dance Party convention and the 2024 6th Annual DWJ Cruise has consumed a ton of time lately!  Thank you for wanting and attending these events, as we really enjoy putting them together.  It’s fun fun fun, all around (now all I need is a T-Bird)!!

50 Ways (Super Easy)
Ah Si!
Bang EZ
Broken Stones
Brown Chicken Brown Cow
Can’t Stop The Dance
Canadian Stomp
Country As Can Be
Cowgirl’s Twist
Cut A Rug
Drink My Way Out
Electric Horseman
Electric Slide
Everything Easy
Eye Candy
Good Morning
Good Riddance
I Love A Rainy Night
Just a Two Stepping
K Is For Kicks
Little Lonely Drum
Mamma Maria
One Step Forward
Rocket To The Sun
Shotgun Jenny
Shut Up & Dance
Sugar Kane
Tricky Tricky
What Makes You Country

50 Ways
Blue Note
Hold Your Horses
Islands In The Stream
Crazy Foot Mambo
So Just Dance Dance Dance
Dirt On My Boots
Wild Nights
Come Dance With Me
Imelda’s Way
Heads Carolina
Take It From Me
Watermelon Crawl
Half Past Tipsy
Eye Candy
Good Morning
Good Riddance
Who’s Up
Shot of Tequilla
Rebel Just For Kicks
We Are Tonight
Lonely Drum
Tush Push
Rocket To The Sun
Heartache On The Dance Floor
Shotgun Jenny
Shut Up & Dance
Gypsy Queen
Tricky Tricky
What Makes You Country

One more thing – some people are sensitive to perfumes and colognes.  If you would not wear them to dance classes, it would be much appreciated, as it’s difficult for those who are allergic to dance in the smaller class groups.  Thank you yet again for your help with this.

I look forward to dancing with you!