The 2021, Then 2022 Cruise to Alaska Has Been CANCELLED.

If & When We Can Sail in 2023 We Will Let You Know

Please Read Janet’s Update of 2/19/22 Below


When 130 of us returned from the February 2020 5th Annual DWJ Cruise, I had no idea the 6th Cruise would be so uncertain.  It got postponed from 2021 to 2022…and now I have more news.  It’s a mixed bag.

I’ve decided to cancel the 2022 DWJ Cruise to Alaska.  If you have reservations and still wish to sail, you have my blessing, but I will not be on that ship, nor will any DWJ activities be offered.  It’s because of the ups and downs in the cruise industry due to Covid, mainly the testing.  If someone in our group tests positive, quarantines begin for that person and everyone who was around them.  I can think of way more fun ways to live on the edge than to worry about that scenario, and it’s totally possible.  

The 2022 Alaska land tour which was scheduled to follow the cruise has also been cancelled, for similar reasons.  Although the Alaska Railroad is not conducting Covid tests like the ships are, my gut (and the current situation nowadays) says to wait.  Travelling with a group of people this summer simply doesn’t seem feasible; it’s too unpredictable.

HOWEVER, I am planning on a tour of the interior on the Alaska Railroad over July 4th of 2023.  I haven’t settled on a package yet, but it will probably be through the Railroad (and thus including meals & lodging & tours) for 7 – 11 nights.  It will be stunningly gorgeous, a blast with friends, and at that time of year, 70 degrees & light 24 hours a day.  It will also be pricey – I’d budget about $4,000.  I’m used to spending about 1/10th of that amount when I go because I stay with my bestie and just hang out with her, but this will be worth it.  We’ll travel from Fairbanks to Denali to Anchorage and perhaps Girdwood or Seward, see spectacular scenery, and dance everywhere we stop, PLUS on a train (can you see us on a train for a week and NOT dancing on it??).  If you’d like to take this trip of a lifetime with me, please mark your calendars, and hang on for the details!  It’s silly to plan too much this far out with the world as it is, but I’m targeting a departure date of June 24, 2023.

Still hoping for an EPIC dance trip together,