Password pricing is INCREASING!  As with any change, there’s good news and bad news.  Too bad we can’t keep everything the same forever, but that’s life!  I’m trying to make this adjustment as painlessly as possible.  Please bear with me!

As of July 1st, the price for the password will increase to $149 from $99. If you haven’t bought a password yet to access over 400 video reviews for line dances – good on the DWJ website’s Members Only page – do so now to save a few dollars!

The good news is, Courtney has figured out how to make your subscription last a year from the date of purchase instead of only for the calendar year, effective immediately.  STAY TUNED FOR DETAILS.  I’m not a techie; I believe her when she says it’s a little tricky, due to the software programs we’re using. We want to make sure all the details are in place before we guide you in the next step.  Some conversions will be involved; the bottom line is that you’ll only need one password to order products from the DWJ website AND to access the line dance Members Only page.  Boy oh boy is growth difficult (but oh so rewarding)!!  We’ll be in touch…isn’t this exciting??!!!

Additionally, Intermediate line dancers, we’re dancing this Friday the 17th at Judy’s from 6:30 – 8:30 pm ($10 cover).  ALL dancers, remember that DJ Dave and I will debut our lines & couples show at the Elgin Moose Lodge on FRIDAY JUNE 24th from 7 – 11 pm ($10 cover).

Reminder, I’ll be out of town from 6/29 – 7/6, so none of my classes will meet during that time.  There will be no dancing on 7/2 at the Spotted Fox, nor on 7/5 at Gambit’s.  Betsy’s Upper Room Wednesday and Darien Thursday classes WILL meet.

See you on the dance floor!