Even in the good times, there’s grief.  We’ve all lost people, and the celebrations of the holiday season seems to accentuate the pain we feel at their absences.  Whether it’s to death, distance, or division, the holidays, while upbeat & busy, are and were also painful, for all of us.  I’ve been taking extra solace and comfort in my Bible readings; I’m using Jesus Calling as a devotional aid.  Gram’s been using it for many years and now I know why; I’m reminded every day that I’m not alone.  Spending time talking with the Lord & reading His Word reminds me that even when I feel helpless, weak, & discouraged – which is often, lately – His strength is perfect, and available when I request it.

I celebrated Christmas this past weekend with my immediate family, which was so special!  We tried a progressive dinner day, since a lot of us live in the same subdivision.  Appetizers, the main meal, and dessert were at three different homes.  My daughters came up from Indiana & Kentucky with their men (pictured L-R with me are David & Jessa with Kate & Eli, and Mom & Pops sitting in front), and the day was perfect!  I’m content, and being with people I love was so refreshing after these last crazy 21 months.  I hope your holiday celebrations were as warm and fuzzy as mine were!

Regarding the schedule for the last week of 2021:

  • Couples & Intermediate line classes will not meet tonight (Monday) because of the holidays
  • Tomorrow’s Beginner 2 WILL MEET at LOVV The Dance Studio.  The first snowfall is expected; be aware…
  • We WILL dance tomorrow evening at Gambit’s (997 S. Rt. 59 in Bartlett, $10 cover)
  • I’ll be in Michigan for a private event from Wednesday – Sunday, so I won’t be at the New Year’s Eve party at Spotted Fox in St. Charles (check their Facebook page for all the details)

Let’s hope 2022 is better than these last two years.  Regardless, the dance community has survived, and will continue to do so.  Classes resume Monday January 3rd; an updated schedule will arrive in your inbox later this week.  I’m working with a new venue for another place to dance, and I’ll know more hopefully by the second week in January.  Also, I’m looking for a new location for Beginner 1 classes on Wednesday mornings.  Does your basement have room for dancers?  Might your church allow a group in to line dance?  If you have any ideas, please let me know; I’m on the lookout.  January’s schedule will change as these two outstanding items get resolved.

May you have a Happy New Year celebration.  As always, I thank the good Lord for you, and am so blessed to have you in my life!  Love to you all,