Bridge Dances

Anybody still need reminding on what a Bridge Dance is?  It’s where we BRIDGE the gap between new and experienced line dancers.  I lead the dance on Sunday, May 21st (from 1 – 4 pm at the Wheaton VFW) and I run through each BEGINNER line dance one or two times before we start the music.  Most songs have a beginner (easier) line dance AND an intermediate (harder) one at the same time; we call that a SPLIT FLOOR.  Since many line dances can be done to a single song, it gives more people the chance to dance the one they prefer.  Come join us; it’s fun!  Please pre-register at the link below for $15; it’s $20 at the door.

This will be another great opportunity to practice our line dances so we’re ready for the Midwest Country Dance Party (coming up June 16 – 18; reminder, the Early Bird rate expires 5/18) – you’ll be there for that too, right??

The playlist for our 5/21 Bridge Dance follows, although it won’t be in this order at the event.  Hope to see you!!

Beginner 1
50 Ways (Super Easy)
Ah Si!
Bang EZ
Broken Stones
Brown Chicken Brown Cow
Can You 2 Step
Can’t Stop The Dance
Canadian Stomp
Country As Can Be
Country Bump
Cowgirl’s Twist
Cut A Rug
Electric Horseman
Electric Slide
Everything Easy
Eye Candy
Good Morning
I Love A Rainy Night
I Was On A Boat
I’m Free
Ice Tea Baby
Just a Two Stepping
K Is For Kicks
Little Lonely Drum
Mamma Maria
One Step Forward
Rocket To The Sun
Rockin’ The Wagon Wheel
Shotgun Jenny
Shut Up & Dance
Sugar Kane
Tricky Tricky
Victory Lines
What Makes You Country

50 Ways
All I Am You
Hold Your Horses
Islands In The Stream
Crazy Foot Mambo
Charleston Cowboy
So Just Dance Dance Dance
Dirt On My Boots
Wild Nights
Country Bump
Come Dance With Me
Imelda’s Way
Heads Carolina
Heartache On The Dance Floor
Half Past Tipsy
Eye Candy
Good Morning
Who’s Up
I Was On A Boat
I’m Free
Sugar Honey I.T.
Shot of Tequilla
Rebel Just For Kicks
We Are Tonight
Lonely Drum
Tush Push
Rocket To The Sun
Shotgun Jenny
Shut Up & Dance
Gypsy Queen
Tricky Tricky
Adventure 45
What Makes You Country