Happy Monday!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend and are excited for a new week!

It was yet another successful dance at the Elgin Moose this past Friday!  Thank you so much for attending; Dave and I LOVE seeing so many familiar faces.  It feels like a Cadillac Ranch Reunion every time we go.  We’ll be dancing there again THIS SATURDAY 3/18 as well as next Friday 3/24 from 7 – 11 ($10 cover).  I realize we’ve been advertising 2 line dance lessons each evening, and I apologize for not doing so these last couple of times.  It’s been hard to interrupt the party; you’re all having such a wonderful time!  We do want to honor our flyers & make sure you’re up on your dances, so we decided to target lessons for 8 & 9 pm.  We’ll be more diligent to actually hit these times, and I’ll make sure I’m done each time within 15 minutes.  I’m thinking of teaching an older dance at 8 and a newer one at 9.  I’m planning on reviewing HOLD YOUR HORSES & re-teaching ALL I AM IS YOU this coming Saturday.  If you have any requests, please let me know!

The tables were placed a little differently this past Friday in order to fit more people in the hall.  It didn’t go over very well; we received a ton of complaints.  We’ll try another set up this Saturday.  I’m sure you’ll let us know what you think, but please be kind – last Friday many of you were not.  We’re trying to make sure people have a place to park their belongings when they come to dance, which means putting out more seats.  It’s tricky, as the hall is only so big.  I hope the honeymoon of everyone’s delight in being able to dance together again is not wearing off, as whining is NOT the name of the game.  Making the best of the situations we are in and “dancing off the yucks of the day”, IS.  We sincerely are doing our best to make you happy; thanks for your understanding.

Can’t wait to dance with you all again; I’m back to the full, regular schedule of classes & dances this week.  Couples’ class starts our 3 weeks of Double Two TONIGHT.  See you on the dance floor!!