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Pre-Recorded Blended Levels Dance – April 24, 2020




Join me and Courtney for a two-hour blended levels dance from the comfort and safety of your own home. I run through the dance and then dance it all the way through to music with you.
Cost $10

Dances Included Are:

  1. Good Morning by Jo Thompson-Szymanski & Machelle Cook Holloway
  2. Shotgun Jenny by Kathy Kelly Brown
  3. Get Wild by Jo Thompson-Szymanski & Maddison Glover
  4. Country As Can Be by Suzanne Wilson
  5. Lay Low by Darren Bailey
  6. Moves Like Jagger by Bracken Ellis
  7. Sugar Kane by Coral Tucker
  8. Can’t Blame It On The Booze by Rob Holley
  9. Funkalicious by Masters In Line
  10. A Little Sweet by Dan Albro
  11. Adventure 45 by Ria Vos & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane
  12. Sittin’ Pretty by Craig Miyamoto
  13. Hottie on Two by John Robinson
  14. You’re Beautiful by Lynn Card
  15. Crank It Up (Goin’ Hamm) by Trevor Thornton
  16. Hypnotized Cha by Simon Ward
  17. All About That Bass by Gail Dawson
  18. VHS by Rob Holley & Lynne Martino
  19. Bumpin’ Tailgates by Rob Holley
  20. Can’t Stop the Dance by Lynn Card
  21. County Line Cha Cha by Unknown
  22. Speed of Love by Rob Holley & Kayla Cosgrove
  23. I’m Free by Jill Babinec, Roy Verdonk, & Raymond Sarlemijn
  24. Singles You Up by Brittny Steward
  25. Crazy Foot Mambo by Paul McAdam