After Monday’s rant, I’ll go easy on us all today.  The work week’s almost over, after all, and the weekend will be here before you know it.

I love this community and our DJ’s.  I’ve met some of my dearest friends in the dance world, and I wouldn’t trade or leave that world for anything.  Even though there are problems, where aren’t there?  That’s life.  We’ve just got to work through the rough times.  As Gary Allen sings, Every Storm Runs Out of Rain.  The sun is already shining again.

It’s a busy weekend coming up and I hope to see you somehow.  Dave & I are hosting dances TOMORROW at the Elgin Moose and SATURDAY at Black & Gray Brewing Co.  I’m looking forward to more fun times on the dance floor with everyone!

That said, if you didn’t know, I currently teaching 11 classes a week (Beginner 1 lines, Improver/Beginner 2 lines, Intermediate lines, & Couples) in Elgin, Hoffman Estates, & Wheaton.  Betsy & Karen also teach Beginner 1 line dance classes in Darien & Wheaton, respectively.  If you haven’t learned how to dance yet, NOW is the perfect time!  Your first class with us is HALF OFF ($5) thru the end of the year.  If you’re not comfortable dancing on the social country floor with lots of other people, that’s fine.  We dance in class!  Countless friendships have been made during lessons as well as in the bars.  There really is something for everyone here; you can dance wherever you’re comfortable.

You can do this!  I look forward to empowering you.  It’s an incredible feeling of accomplishment to learn how to dance!!!