I was shocked when Courtney told me we’ve sent out 30,000 emails this month.  That’s a LOT of communication with a LOT of people who met me on the dance floor!!  Granted, it’s one of the few ways left to communicate, with this lockdown and all, but still…thank you for staying connected!!

I have yet another update:  I won’t be hosting Thirty at Three anymore (Easy Line Dancing thru Facebook LIVE).  I’m sorry about this, as I know a lot of you enjoyed dancing along, but Facebook continues to randomly mute songs, terminate the broadcast, and send me nastygrams about my unauthorized use of music.  Even though I pay my licensing fees, which allows me to legally play pre-recorded music, Facebook does not care.  They continue to threaten to shut down my page(s), and their warnings are getting worse.  Since I really do like their platform, I’ve decided to abide by their wishes, so I can continue using their service.  If you have any suggestions, I’ll gladly hear them!

Like you, I continue to pray for the safety of our world and the return to normal life.  When we are given the go-ahead to get together in groups again, I’ll travel the suburbs and we’ll dance outside; won’t that be wonderful?!  I can’t wait to see you again!!!  Till then, we can still touchbase Mondays – Saturdays on our Zoom call at 12:30 pm.  Please join us!

I’m still hosting two more LIVE events this week (if you can’t make it, you can always watch the recording):


– Beginner 2/Improver Class from 7:00 – 8:30 pm CST, $8 (Recording Provided)

  1. One In A Million by Amy Christian (Beg. 1, warm up)
  2. THIRSTY by Rob Holley (NEW DANCE, danced twice) 
  3. Stroll Along Cha Cha by Rodeo Cowboys (Beg. 2, reviewed) 
  4. Bonaparte’s Retreat by Maddison Glover (Beg. 2, reviewed)
  5. Back In The Day by Dan Albro (Beg. 2, reviewed)
  6. Four on the Floor EZ by Joyce Hemphill (Beg. 1, reviewed)
  7. Dream Weavin’ by Larry Bass (Beg. 1 dance, reviewed)


– Zoom Touchbase 12:30 – 1:00 pm CST meetings (ORIGINAL TIME):

– Blended Levels Line Dancing from 7:00 – 9:00 pm CST, All dances run through once, $10 (Recording Provided)

  1. Back on Texas Time by Gail Dawson
  2. Brown Chicken, Brown Cow by Ed Royko
  3. Play That Sax by Michael Metzger
  4. American Kids by Gloria Stone
  5. K Step Boogie by Jo Thompson-Szymanski & Michele Burton
  6. M-O-V-E by Lynn Card
  7. Sangria (Hold On To) by Rosie Multari
  8. Love Never Felt So Good by Debbie Small
  9. Half Past Tipsy by Maddison Glover & Rachael McEnaney
  10. Love Repeats by Michele Burton
  11. Bonaparte’s Retreat by Maddison Glover 
  12. I’m Comin’ In Hot by Lynn Card
  13. Skate by Mary Lou Crowe
  14. Back In The Day by Dan Albro
  15. Shot of Tequila by Fred Whitehouse
  16. Senorita La La La by Julia Wetzel
  17. Bumpy Road EZ by Lynn Card
  18. Gypsy Queen by Hazel Pace
  19. Lonely Drum by Darren Mitchell
  20. Uptown Funky by Jill Weiss
  21. September Trolls by Lynn Card
  22. Vanotek Cha by Gary O’Reilly
  23. Country Walkin’ by Teree Desarro
  24. Cruisin’ by Neil Hale
  25. Tragedy by Lynn Card
  26. Champagne Promise by Tina Argyle


Again, registration is due by 5 pm at https://www.dancewithjanet.com/virtual on the day of the event.  You will receive TWO Zoom links to attend on the day of the class/dance, one in the afternoon and one at 6 pm CST.  Please check your spam, trash, or junk mail, as these emails are sent 100% of the time.  Unfortunately they get stuck in cyberspace sometimes.  The recording will always be sent to you for any class you registered for; I encourage you to dance to it.  It’s always synchronized and perfect!

“See” you on the virtual dance floor!  Stay safe and stay well!

Love ya!