Recently (and against my will), I acknowledged that fear has been a major motivator in my life.  As time has passed and I have faced my fears and confronted them, I’ve seen that life isn’t as scary as I thought it was. I end up feeling stronger after delving into situations head-on, although many times I’ve done it kicking and screaming. Life tends to happen whether we want it to or not. It’s like the picture says; we can’t control the weather, so we may as well learn how to sail in all conditions. 

Relating to that, I had my dream vacation planned from July 13th to 21st, and I’ve been afraid make other plans during that time in the hopes that it would happen. Well, it’s not going to, and I need to accept it. Sometimes life throws us curve balls, so we have to learn to roll with them and make the best of it. Since I had the vacation time blocked off on my personal calendar anyway, I’m going to keep it, and go to different places – that’s how the Door County dance came into being. As a result, I’m cancelling the pool performance on July 14th AND Tuesday’s dance on July 16th. 

***All classes that I’m teaching for the week of July 15th through 18th WILL NOT MEET (BUT Karen will lead the Hanover Park 1:30 class on Monday the 15th)***

Cathy’s Elgin class, Cathie’s Itasca class, and Julie’s Wheaton class WILL MEET during the week of July 15th.  Darien WILL NOT MEET on the 18th, and Itasca WILL NOT MEET on the 22nd.

Regarding the Door County BRIDGE dance, if you are thinking of attending, visit Door County Visitor Bureau | Door County, Wisconsin for a FULL list of places to stay.  You can search for any type of lodging, price, and location.  Close to 20 of us will be there for the weekend.  The dance is at the Ephraim Village Hall (9996 Water St. S/Rt. 42, Ephraim, WI) on Friday the 19th from 7-11 pm, and we’ll be doing various things Saturday.  If you are staying thru Sunday, please plan on meeting up at Sonny’s Pizza in Sturgeon Bay for dinner and dancing SATURDAY EVENING to the band, which is playing from 6-10 pm outside on the patio ON THE WATER.  Love it!!

But BEFORE I leave on Saturday for the week, please join me for FRIDAY’S BRIDGE dance at Tequila Roadhouse (920 Roosevelt Rd., West Chicago, IL) from 6-9 pm!  I look forward to seeing you then, and at classes today and tomorrow.

Love ya!