Bet you thought I’d forgotten our series on becoming a better dancer.  Nope; just got a smidge distracted with the closing of Cadillac Ranch and the relocation of the danceaholics of my acquaintance.  And there are quite a few!  Spend the next few minutes with me as I delve into Part 2 (filmed during the 2nd Annual Dance With Janet Cruise aboard the Emerald Princess).

Part 2:  FRAME In Line Dancing

Slouching is never attractive, so it goes without saying to stand up straight.  Keep those shoulders back!!  Especially in dancing, poor posture can ruin “the look”.  In Line Dancing, a few more points are important:

1)  Avoid the Dangly Arm Syndrome.  When our arms hang loosely, doing nothing, at our sides, it’s not only unappealing but detracts from solid balance.  We detract from the “feel” of the whole body working together in the dance.

2)  Keep the ELBOWS BENT.  This does not mean to clench our fists at our chins, like we’re ready to punch someone.  It means to keep the forearms at a 45 – 90 degree angle to the upper arms.  This may feel awkward at first but is essential in looking good while line dancing.  I suggest holding a rubber band between your two thumbs across the front of your body to get used to this.  The rubber band will force the elbows to bend.  What do you do with your hands then?  How about snapping your fingers?  You can always rub your thumb & finger together to give your hands something to do, if you wish.  Make sure to engage the wrists, too – we don’t want our hands to dangle like puppies begging, after we’ve fixed our dangly arms!

3)  Look UP/FORWARD!!  Our heads need to be balanced between our shoulders.  Looking down at the person’s feet in front of us causes the weight of our heads (8 pounds, I’ve heard – although I think some are bigger!!!) to be in front of our bodies, instead of on top of our bodies!  What a fabulous way to get our backs out of whack!!!

As you see, the name of the game with Frame in line dancing is BALANCE.  It can be done – but it is intentional!

A couple other quick points:  The Elgin American Legion venue has not worked out.  I’ll be announcing the replacement hall next week.  Stay tuned for our dance location(s) on Friday 5/20 & Tuesday 5/24!!!  Also, I’m not hosting any dances this weekend, but am spending the next 3 days with my lovely daughters.  See you Monday!


  • Every 1st & 3rd Tuesday we’ll dance at the Wheaton VFW Post 2164. The vets are offering hot dogs & chips for $2 in case we are hungry
  • EVERY FRIDAY (5/27 and following) we’ll have a floor for line dancing and a separate floor for couples at the West Chicago VFW 6791  If anyone would like to show up early to help take down tables, that would be much appreciated! *:) happy
  • Our dances have been CANCELLED at the Elgin American Legion Post 57 (NOT the VFW where DJ Dave holds his Sunday dances)
    • We will NOT dance here on FRIDAY MAY 20th, nor TUESDAY MAY 24th
  • Our next Warrenville Dances are SATURDAY, May 21st (7-10 pm) & SUNDAY, May 22nd (6-9 pm) at the Warrenville Community Building, 3S240 Warren Ave.   Saturday’s dance will follow our new format of 4 – 5 lines/3 couples, based on who is in attendance.  As previously stated, we are encouraging lines AND couples dancing at all the dances from now on.  $5 cover includes 2 line dance lessons, at 7:30 & 8:30; you’re welcome to bring snacks.  Dance alternating sets of Couples and Lines at Sunday Nite Country following the format of the former Sunday Stampede on the 22nd (dance, dinner, & beverage for $10; dinner served from 5:30 – 7). Sunday’s dance on the 22nd will be preceded by 2 hours’ of “BOOT CAMP” – couples lessons by Julie & Don and line dance lessons by Yours Truly.  No outside beverages; please support the Park District by purchasing water or pop for $1 each
  • “BRAND NEW BEGINNER DANCER” class is starting in Warrenville on Tuesdays from 1:15 – 2:30,beginning this TUESDAY, MAY 17th.  For details, visit
  • Mark your calendars for Saturday, MAY 21st!  We’ll dance at the Just Play event in Carol Stream.  For details, please visit calendar and scroll down to the RED performance calendar.  After the show, I invite you to join me for Culver’s ice cream (on Schmale Road in Carol Stream) – my treat!! After Culver’s, we’re heading over to Keith and Karen Moutvic’s home (1619 N. President St., Wheaton, IL 60187) till 6:30 pm for our POST/PRE CRUISE PARTY!
    We wrap with a dance in Warrenville from 7 – 10 pm (3S240 Warren Ave.)
  • The Cadillac Ranch and Warrenville tabs on my website have been absorbed into our new best friend, the Upcoming Events tab. Videos & Step Sheets of dances I’ve taught at ALL dances (Tuesdays, Fridays, & Saturdays) are there
  • Warrenville’s THURSDAY class will resume MAY 19th.  My daughter Kat Warner will teach
  • Friday’s St. Charles class on May 20th will meet at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church instead of the Salvation Army. The May 27th class has been CANCELLED
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See you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse