My lasting memory of Aruba is its favorite saying, Biba Dushi, which means "Living the Sweet Life" in their colorful local language, Papiamento, which sounds as happy and lilting as you would think.  The island atmosphere is cheerful, and why not?  It's sunny and warm, with the sound of the ocean lapping the shore in the distance.  Although it's much more of a desert island than I thought, as were its sisters Bonaire & Curacao, it's still an island paradise.  Go if you can!

I bring up the peace and tranquility I experienced visiting the Caribbean islands on this last DWJ Cruise to remind us all that those "good vibrations" are not specific to vacations.  We can have them wherever we are, but they only last longer than the trip if they come from within us.

While we were on the cruise, one of the ladies who dances with me visited another line dancing establishment.  Why not?  She likes to dance.  When she was enthusiastically greeted by the instructor and asked where she dances, she answered, "I Dance With Janet." (Cool, huh?)  The instructor, whose face immediately soured, said, "She's my competition."  Check out this response:

"Competition?  I didn't know there was competition in line dancing.  
We all just like to dance!"

AMEN, sister!!  I also do not feel there is any competition providing people with any kind of dancing, at all.  I tell everyone in my classes that my goal is to teach them how to dance, so they can recognize steps and therefore dance anywhere.  The official DWJ Vision Statement is:

"To Share Dancing With Everyone.  
To Teach The World To Feel The Joy Of Dancing, One Person At A Time."

Knowing that about where I am going, personally and professionally, keeps the peace and tranquility in me which I saw everywhere around me on those Caribbean islands.  Talk about owning your own little piece of paradise!! EmojiEmojiEmoji

And Then – Dance Details You Should Know:
  • Our 5th Annual DWJ Cruise has been announced and registration is open.  With prices affordably starting at $570 for an inside cabin on our 7 night trip from Galveston, TX to the Western Caribbean, why wouldn't you join us?  Details are at
  • We're still dancing on the 2nd & 4th Fridays at Tequila Roadhouse, but from 6-9 pm now (bands follow).  Leave work a little earlier on those days; you know you want to!!
  • Check out our Alternative Country PLUS Line Dances on Fridays:  I walk through each beginner dance (and intermediate, as needed) and call a few rotations, so you don't have to worry about remembering the line dances you may have learned a L-O-N-G time ago
  • Save the date of Friday May 3rd for a dance at a NEW LOCATION, On Pointe Dance Academy.  How does a 2000 sf wood dance floor in a private studio sound?  Loverly!
  • NEW!! Courtney's newest toys are projectors!!  She's figured out how to film my feet and project the image on a screen in front of us, so everyone can follow me, because you can all see the steps!!  I'll try not to add in any extra spins…she's aiming to debut this at Tuesday's dance
  • A new session of classes starts the week of April 15th. Take a look at our locations & times at 

See you on the dance floor!