This past weekend was quite a ride!  We were scheduled to dance at Overtime Bar & Grill in Lombardon Saturday.  When Jeff arrived to set up at 7:30, he was told to start the dancing “show” after the Hawks game – meaning around 10:30 pm!  That wasn’t going to work, so the whole evening was a bust.  A thousand thanks go out to the people who arrived to dance, and ended up visiting instead…we love your company, but that’s not how the night was supposed to shake out!  But Boot Camp at Warrenville on Sunday was a success; everyone there enjoyed the lessons and Gary, Mary & Randy, and I sure did too.  We all were too tired to dance much afterwards, though, so we’ll have to tweak that event for the next time.  Thank you all for your attendance and faithfulness!!!!

I was able to squeeze in a visit with my older daughter, Jessica, this weekend as well.  She and Maki came to visit from Louisville; she said it was cold up here and she was happy to return to warmer weather “down south”.  Hmphm!!Remember that Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday.  If you are fortunate enough to still have your father around, make sure to tell him how special he is.  We’ll be dancing our regular Warrenville dance this Saturday, too; if you’re not traveling to see your father, stop by!  I promise we’ll all be rested up by then.

See you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse

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