I’m blessed to receive a lot of positive feedback in my line of work, and I’m SO grateful.  Sometimes I chuckle and shake it off, though, because I’m full of deficiencies, just like you.  As in, have you heard the story of how I simply cannot play the tambourine?

Years ago, I used to sing on the worship team at my church.  One day the drummer needed an assistant to play the tambourine, and when he approached ME, I was wary.  Smacking my thigh in time with the beat while singing didn’t sound like it was going to work.  He said something like, How hard can it be?  FAMOUS LAST WORDS!  Even though I have rhythm, I wasn’t buying it.  Sure enough, after the song was over, he very kindly approached me with his hand outstretched.  He was sweet enough to smile at me as he said, I’ll take that….

So we ALL have our abilities – AND liabilities!  LOL!!

If one of your liabilities is that you don’t know how to dance, I can fix that!  But the May schedule for the week of 5/17 has changed, as I’m taking a last minute trip to Delaware thru the 22nd.  After all, Ray is starting to host dances (DJ’ing & teaching); doesn’t that sound fun?  Maryland is open for dancing and it’s pretty close to Delaware.  All those northeastern states are smooshed together.

(By the way, it’s INTERMEDIATE NITE tonight, I’m hosting at SPOTTED FOX tomorrow night, and it’s BRIDGE (Beginner) DANCE DAY on Sunday from 1-4, with couples lessons following!) 

MONDAY 5/17:

  • Beginner 1 VIRTUAL Class at 10 am is ON
  • Beginner 1 In-Person Class at 5:30 pm with Rob is ON
  • Intermediate VIRTUAL Class at 7 pm is CANCELLED (make-up class is Monday 5/31 at 7 pm)


  • Beginner 2 In-Person Class at 10 at LOVV The Dance Studio is ON; Linda is kindly subbing (someone please let her know I acknowledged her in an email, ok?  She abhors computers, lol!) 
  • Beginner 2 In-Person Class at noon is CANCELLED (class resumes 5/25)
  • Beginner 1 VIRTUAL classes at 7 pm is CANCELLED (make-up class is Tuesday 5/25) 


  • Intermediate VIRTUAL Class at 7 pm is ON 


  • Intermediate In-Person Class at 10 am is ON – Marsha is kindly subbing
  • Beginner 1 In-Person Class at 6:15 pm with Betsy is ON
  • Beginner 2 In-Person Class at 7 pm is ON – Eli is kindly subbing 

FRIDAY 5/21: I’ll be dancing  at Uncle Bob’s in Maryland; where will you be?  Besides the bars, Carol is hosting couples & line dancing at Durty Nellie’s in Palatine from 7 – 11 pm.  Also, Swing ‘n’ Country (couples only) resumes in Franklin Park!  Good times all around!!


  • I’m back with The Master, DJ Dave, at Spotted Fox in St. Charles from 8 pm – close!  Join me & Patrick for a couples lesson at 8:30 and a line dance lesson at 9:30

And as always, feel free call or text me at 630-492-0401 with any questions.  Hugs!!

Love ya!