As you know, the Country Cruisers just returned from the UCWDC Worlds Championships in Orlando, Florida.  What a week!  We are thrilled to have placed SECOND in our Team Combo division!  Thank you so much to (L-R) John Kyle, Cathy Feltz, Kat Warner, Janet Kruse, Dan May, Betsy Maaks, Rob Ryan, & Diana Wood for spending so much time, energy, and other personal resources (like MONEY) to pursue the dream of competing at Worlds.  [An Honorable Mention goes to former charter members of the team which officially became the Cruisers: Patrick Gannon, Chris Kowalczyk, and Courtney Blum.  They were part of the group in its earliest days and deserve some credit too!]  At Worlds, we saw outstanding dancers, learned dance technique from some of the best dancers/instructors in the WORLD, and still had time to visit the theme parks!  What a wonderful working vacation, and all with people we met on the dance floor.  It might sound trite to talk about making friends in the dance community, but it's more than just hype; it's true.  None of this would have happened if we all didn't meet while dancing; it's real – and so exciting!!  I hope this encourages you to follow your dreams too.  They can DEFINITELY come true – if you work hard enough at them!!!

So let's get back to learning to dance!  Classes resume with the new winter session all over the area TODAY, January 5th.  Chris and I kick if off with COUPLES DOUBLE TWO at 208 W. Union St. in Wheaton at 4:45 pm.  Take a look at for the exact times, locations, and dates of all the classes offered.  Today's couples class is followed by Intermediate 1 Lines at 6:15 and Beginner 1 Lines at 7:45.  If you can't register in time, just show up at class and we'll wrap up the paperwork there.  Remember, online videos of these classes are COMPLIMENTARY with your attendance.  If you're planning on sailing on the Dance With Janet Cruise (we leave in less that four weeks!!), make sure to brush up on your dances.  This might be just what you need!

See you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse

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