Years ago I danced in Willowbrook Ballroom, and couples danced around the perimeter of the dance floor at the same time TWO line dances were done in the center. Nowadays it's more common for couples dancers to have their sets of songs, and then line dancers theirs, but that creates a lot of dead time for those dancers who only dance one type or the other. Who wants to go dancing and sit out for half the night? NOT ME! I believe in sharing the floor. It CAN be done! 

We will prove it TOMORROW NIGHT at Ballroom City in Villa Park (207 S. Villa Ave. #250, above Josephine's Bar). Every second Saturday is a couples country dance from 8 – 11 pm,  preceded by a couples dance lesson from 7:30 – 8. Tomorrow night, for the first time ever, I have been invited to teach a LINE  DANCE lesson from 7:30 – 8 and bring a group of line dancers to dance concurrently with the couple dancers, like we used to do at Willowbrook. I CANNOT  WAIT! Good manners are not dead. I look forward to showing off a group of fabulous dancers line dancers who know how to share the floor and dance in the middle of couples dancers without bumping into anyone. Come join the party! Cover is $10, which includes refreshments and a fabulous evening of dancing on a floating floor. 

Ballroom City on the east side of Villa Avenue, but the parking lot is hidden in plain sight across the street. Additional parking is at the end of the parking lot to the south and across the street in the post office lot. My group and I will meet at Simon's Restaurant (2 Roosevelt Rd. in Villa Park) at 5:30 for dinner beforehand in our purple DWJ shirts – we'll be easy to find. See you at one of the best kept country secrets in the Chicagoland suburbs!

In other news…

– TONIGHT we will dance at Tequila Roadhouse from 6 – 9 pm for the ONLY TIME THIS MONTH. The TR dance on Friday May 24th has been cancelled. We WILL dance the following evening, Saturday May 25th, at Fermilab's Kuhn Barn from 7 to 10

– My MONDAY evening classes at On Pointe Dance Academy have been cancelled for the rest of May, and will return to the Wheaton Leisure Center, 208 W. Union, for the summer session beginning in June. Wednesday's & Thursday's Wheaton classes remain unchanged

– Have you RSVP'd for our Post-Cruise REUNION PARTY from 2 – 6 on May 19th? Dinner is $10.  If you have ever attended a DWJ Cruise, you are invited to this special get-together. I tried to invite each of you through the calendar event, but could not do so if your last name started with R – Z. Please do not be offended! Remember, you all received an invitation earlier via email.  Just reply to this email

– The 2020 DWJ Cruise room block is 42% FULL! I only recognize about a third of the names on the list. If you are local and intend to attend, please submit your deposit to Harlan ASAP! I've never seen the cruise fill up this quickly, but at a starting price of $570 for 7 nights, it's not surprising. Your $250 deposit is fully refundable until November 23rd, so you have time to change your mind. But why would you?

– I've been invited to return to the former Cadillac Ranch on a Saturday night, as the dancing is led by DJ Dave. He's awesome and he and I have worked very well together in the past. I'm planning on going, but not on the 18th as I thought. The 18th will be too busy a night there, as it is a fundraiser evening. I'll let you know which evening in June I plan to be there

So I'll see you on the dance floor shortly!

Love ya!