Cadillac Ranch veteran Allen “Rich” Parrotte, aka “Double Two Rich”, has passed away.  Per his wife, Marcia:

“Rich left us and is dancing on a Heavenly dance floor (which is not sticky with spilled drinks) late this afternoon – August 25th, 2014.  Rich was peaceful and slipped away quietly.  Just encouraging those who loved Rich to remember him fondly – and celebrate in some meaningful way…Ask the DJ to play a Double Two, Two Step, and Stationary Cha Cha for the pleasure of Rich.”

The world is a sadder place right now.

Rich could always make me smile, whether I was in a good mood or down in the dumps.  He always had something positive to say, no matter how hard life was – and he had his share of difficulties, including job losses.  Rich was one of the first men to welcome new dancers to the Ranch and encourage them, and countless women have been introduced to couples dancing by him – especially the Double Two, of course.  I was so impressed by his growth; I remember when he was newer to dancing and he would apologize for not knowing many moves.  As he pursued learning his favorite dance, he was enthusiastic about the new moves he would learn from Julie and Don – and excited to practice them on all us gals!!  He truly loved the challenge of dancing, and the people he met on the dance floor.  He was SUCH a kind, good-hearted man, who never spoke ill of anyone or complained.  We all loved him.  I can’t believe I’m saying that in the past tense…

Please encourage and comfort Marcia, as you are able.  Her contact information is:

0N127 Stanley St.
Winfield, IL  60190
Cell: 630-267-2308
Facebook: Marcia Steely Parrotte

Dance a Double Two in Rich’s memory tonight, and in the nights to come.

Janet Kruse

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