Everybody wants to belong. I recently picked up three dozen Dance With Janet shirts; I’m overwhelmed at how many people feel like they belong with me in one way or another. I am honored. Thank you for your trust and friendship!  I am so blessed to have met so many wonderful people by just doing something I enjoy.  Building friendships with you as time has passed has been such a pleasure!

We will be performing multiple times this summer as the Dance With Janet dancers.  If you would like to dance with us, my only request is that you have a Dance With Janet shirt. Pat at Fox Haven Embroidery does a fantastic job embroidering our shirts; they are personalized too. Women’s shirts/sweatshirts are available in black or purple, and men’s shirts/sweatshirts are available in black.  I will be placing another order within a couple of weeks, so there’s still time for you to see me personally to reserve yours.  Shirts are $31, sweatshirts are $41 – see dancewithjanet.com/apparel to see what they look like.

Performance Dances Will Be (listed as song – dance):

  • Born To Boogie – Southside Shuffle in a cube (full floor)
  • Happy – Happy & Cowgirls Twist
  • Inside Out – Imelda’s Way & Cut A Rug
  • Banjo – Banjo (full floor at this point)
  • Jukebox – Jukebox & Country As Can Be
  • Bang Bang – Bang & Bang Bang EZ
  • American Kids (full floor)
  • Dust – Dust & One Step Forward
  • Uptown Funk – Uptown Funk (S4L) & Uptown Funky


  • I’ll be teaching with Chris this Saturday at the Coyote Moon Dancers’ All Day Workshop (VFW Cantigny Post #367, 826 Horseshoe Dr. in Joliet); they also have an evening dance from 7-10 at the same location
  • Two Step lessons with my daughter Kate & I begin on Monday, April 6; we’ve already filmed the first video.  This class will be EXTREMELY helpful to current and future Two Steppers!
  • Karen & Keith Moutvic are hosting a Pre/Post CRUISE PARTY this Sunday from 4 – 10 pm.  If you went on this past DWJ Cruise or are considering/planning on cruising with us in February, this is the place to be to meet everyone involved!  Please contact me or Karen for the address

Thank you for belonging with me. I’ll see you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse

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