For those of you who were at the Customer Appreciation Party at Cadillac Ranch this past Saturday, you were treated to quite a surprise, weren’t you?  At 11 pm, the Cadillac Ranch Dance Team performed their debut dance, Catch My Breath (sung by Kelly Clarkson), in the dark, with glow sticks!  It was AWESOME; check out the video below!

About five weeks ago management requested that I choose a core group of about a dozen decicated, experienced dancers.  This group would form an official Dance Team to represent Cadillac Ranch with choreographed performances at local events and festivals during the year.  Too many people DON’T know that the Ranch is home to EXCELLENT country dancing; a performing team would advertise our presence by putting our best feet forward (pun intended).  These dancers would have to know how to line AND couples dance, since that is an accurate representation of the dancing done at Cadillac.  It was also necessary that they be “Ranch Loyalists”; each of these team members dance at the Ranch multiple nights a week and have been doing so for over 10 years.  The people who accepted this opportunity are truly a fabulous group of people, with solid frame, technique, presence, styling, and confidence.  This is NOT a group of people taking lessons from me – they KNOW how to dance, they memorize routines quickly – and they are willing to spend time rehearsing.  They are WONDERFUL!

Meet The Cadillac Ranch Dance Team’s Charter Members –
Front row: Kathy Goodla, Betsy Maaks, Sheri Mulholland, Nan Chavez, Diana Wood, Dawn Kowalczyk, Janet Kruse
Back row: Fred Chavez, Dan May, Scot Mulholland, Chris Kowalczyk, Patrick Gannon
These and many other incredibly talented dancers call Cadilllac Ranch their “dance home”, and I am humbled and blessed to be a part of that.  We have a few more openings for additional Dance Team members.  Auditions will be held in February; more details will be provided soon.  Given the parameters mentioned, if you are interested in joining us, we look forward to meeting you then.
See you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse

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