Guess what?  Things do not always go how I would like them to go.  I thought this phenomenon was something that I would outgrow.  Remember when you were going to school, when the “right person” didn’t ask you out?  When your grade on a test wasn’t what you thought it should be?  When a 45 minute class lasted a year?  During those years, I thought things would all go the way they were supposed to when I graduated, because then I would be an ADULT, and I could control my world.  That was how I dealt with my unmet expectations – I simply tolerated them, because I was convinced they would get better.

Fast forward a bunch of years…not oodles and oodles, but a bunch.

Life, I have learned, is not controllable.  Ouch but that hurts to admit!  Simply being of one age or another has nothing to do with being able to make sure things go as they “should”.  But since I thought everything would be perfect by now, I find myself complaining about life’s injustices.  No matter what I think, people will not behave like I would prefer.  Events do not unfold like they do in a book.  Problems are not solved at the top of the hour, for the next program to begin.  The only way I can resolve all this is to LET IT GO…which is so much easier to sing than do!  But it’s critical for emotional health and peace.  I can control what I eat, how I spend my time, when I go to bed & get up, how I treat people…things like that.  But in terms of dealing with how I expect life “things” to pan out – NADA.  The “smile and nod” mantra seems to be the best one to adapt – and not just for right now.  For ALWAYS.

Dance Details:

  • Our next big show is the LABOR DAY PARADE in Schaumburg on September 7th.  This is the third largest parade in the Chicagoland area (after Chicago and Naperville), so the audience will be HUGE, and the performances FABULOUS!  Please join me!!  Go to for details – scroll down to the RED PERFORMANCE calendar
  • I’ll be teaching at Cadillac Ranch ( tonight, Tuesday, August 25th (SEX, LOVE, & TEXAS at 7:30 and MAKE ME WANNA at 8:30) and Kat will be teaching Friday, August 28th 
    (NEON LIGHT at 6:30, BARTENDER at 7:30, & LINDI SHUFFLE at 8:30)
  • Cruise Early Bird Dance Lessons are $55 thru September 30 – take advantage of the reduced cost before the price increases on October 1st!  See; it’s the bright pink button on the left.  ONLY 5 MORE ROOMS ARE AVAILABLE in our room block!!!
  • Warrenville’s Thursday Line Dance Class at 7:30 pm WILL NOT MEET this Thursday, August 27th
  • Windy City Line Dance Mania will be held at the Crowne Plaza Resort in Rosemont October 1 – 4.  If you would like to join Chicagoland’s biggest line dance party, registration forms can be found at  Please note you are with the Dance With Janet group to qualify for the group rate (early bird rate cut off is AUGUST 30)

I’ll see you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse

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