The purple flowers have sprouted in the front yard, which means it’s time to mothball my down coat – hooray!!  I’m one of the weirdos that love winter, but I’m always just as delighted as the rest of the Chicagoland community to see spring arrive.  And with spring…a new INTERMEDIATE LINE DANCING CLASS debuts!!

Wednesday’s Beginner Wheaton class has officially outgrown the facility, so TONIGHT I’ll be starting a new Intermediate ONE line dance class at the same facility, 208 W. Union (the Leisure Center) in Wheaton.  We’ll run till 9:30 through May 21st.  If you’ve already signed up for the Wheaton Beginner 1-2 class and are ready to “graduate”, please show up tonight at 8:15 and we’ll transfer your registration to the Intermediate class.  If you’d like to join this class and have NOT registered, don’t let that stop you; registrations will be accepted on site.  If you’d like to take both classes, by all means, do so.  The name of the game is learning dances, so do whatever works for you.  At this level we’ll be covering dances like Dizzy, Pontoon, Wonderland Waltz, Coastin’, Boogie Beat, and whatever else you would like to learn.  This class will follow the pattern partner class from 6:45 – 8 pm and it WILL BREAK for the summer.  We’ve got seven weeks till then, though!

I think some of these newly certified Danceaholics might show up tonight!  They’ve been dancing multiple nights a week, haunting all the country dance venues in town.  Take a look…you may recognize some of these faces:

I didn’t teach Dan or Gary how to dance, but I’ve been blessed & honored to have had a significant part in the dancing careers of these dear friends:

Left to Right, standing: Dan, Jami, Amy, Anthony (The Tall One), Joe, Sue, Rob (behind Sue), Michael, Laura (The Short One – yes, she’s standing), Janet (behind Laura), Courtney, Gary, Diane, Lenny (with A Drink In His Hand, what a surprise!), Kneeling: Debbie & Terry

I’ll see you on the dance floor – or at class tonight; whichever comes first!

Janet Kruse

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