Take a look:  in the foreground, that’s Mary Ellen on the left and Caitlin on the right strutting their stuff at the Just Play performance just two months ago.  Here’s the kicker:  there’s a SIXTY-THREE YEAR AGE GAP BETWEEN THEM…and yet they know some of the same dances.  Behind them, all ages in between are represented.  How does that work?  Because as cool as that is, I still see it as a problem…and yip, I’m DIZZY with the depth of it.  Are you?

Mary Ellen has been taking classes with me for months.  Caitlin has learned a few dances from lessons taught at Cadillac’s Family Days and Warrenville’s Saturday night dances, and her dad (our favorite photographer, Mike) has shown her others at home.  Here’s the problem:  How do we get people who love music and want to move to it to learn all the same dances, no matter what in-person classes they do or do not attend, so they can dance all night long or perform beside us??  Cuz when we all board that ship when it’s CRUISE time, that will be the situation!

Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts!  In the meantime, enjoy this DIZZY Video Review, which is one of the most popular line dances ever choreographed, with my compliments.  Pick the level and quantity of dances you most want to learn through At Home Lessons.  And POOF!  This problem is on its way to being solved!!

See you on the dance floor!

P.S.  No line dancing at Famous Freddie’s this Saturday night after all – but WE WILL DANCE on Friday at Cadillac Ranch andSunday in Warrenville!

Janet Kruse

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