Some people hate surprises, because they’ve been so disappointed by the unexpected at the hands of their loved ones.  What a lousy burden to carry!  Others have had mostly positive experiences, and so retain an affection for surprises.  Which are you?

I tend to identify with the former, but last week something happened which is starting to change my mind.  It’s story time…

A few weeks ago I was hired to teach line dancing at a private school for 1st – 8th graders.  I’ve always thought line dancing would be the perfect gym unit for any school, as it encourages individual coordination and balance, the “no touching” rule applies, and it’s useable in the real world.  Silly me was surprised at the challenges I faced, as I’m not an elementary teacher by trade.  I would arrive at school fresh out of a class in which my students were those kids’ grandmas’ age!  I’ve therefore been working more on my preparation for these Thursday afternoons – which includes praying for more wisdom, patience, and compassion!!

Last week after the last class I was surprised when I was RUSHED by the young children in the final group, and I do mean rushed.  This mass of little humanity charged me and surrounded me wider than my arms could reach, and they all were shouting “We love you Miss Janet!!  Group hug!!!”.  I had to lean into them for fear of being knocked over as they hooted and hollered.  I felt all warm and fuzzy and found myself saying, “I love you too!!” – and boy, was I surprised to find I meant it!  I’ll never forget all those smiles and giggles.

I’m surprised to say I’m disappointed that I don’t have classes with those children today, and also surprised to discover I’m looking forward to seeing them again next week.  They really are little cherubs – surprise, surprise!!  Maybe I can turn into one of those people who like surprises after all!

Oh, and don’t YOU be surprised to discover you missed the Early Bird rate for the Intermediate workshop this Sunday!  It expires tomorrow night at midnight.  Come learn some challenging line dances from Yours Truly!  I’ll be teaching Askin’ Questions, Sugar Honey I.T., Chill Factor, and Raised Like That; register at the link below.

To the unexpected,


P.S. By the way, the Elgin Moose Lodge dance for this Friday has been CANCELLED.  We are very disappointed 😞 😔.  The hall basically doubled the rent at the last minute and it was no longer possible to make the numbers work. I’m so sorry…