The times, they continue to change. From what I have heard, we will be allowed to meet in groups of 10 or under as of the beginning of June, so I am planning on traveling around the Chicagoland area to lead small groups of line dancers at 10 am. Right now I can commit to 3 days a week but I am hoping to do all 7. If you have access to an outdoor area near you and would like to host one of these gatherings, please contact me, as I am working on the schedule. I will let you know more once the new guidelines have been 100% confirmed.

Butterfield Park District says they have a big enough room where they can host a class of 10 or under and still have enough space between everyone to comply with the new requirements. Therefore, Karen will re-start teaching Line Dancing lessons there on June 4th. Registration is through the Butterfield Park District’s website, as usual.

Bloomingdale Park District has decided to cancel their first session of summer classes and run the second session starting in the middle of July as outdoor classes of groups of 10 or under. Cathy Dugan will be teaching those Beginner 1 Line Dancing lessons starting July 22nd. Registration is through the Bloomingdale Park District’s website, as usual.

So far that’s all I have heard from the different organizations. I think they can all make their own call on what they’re going to do, up to a point. I will keep you posted on more developments, as they become available.

And…I needed to get away, so I arrived at my cousin’s house in Orange, California yesterday afternoon. I will be running the existing schedule of classes from her dining room through May 30th, and I’m planning to return home June 1st. The recordings are still being made and sent out as usual. Hope to see you at tonight’s all request line dance from 7 to 9 p.m. CST! Here’s the playlist; if two dances are listed, I will be dancing when first one:

– Blended Levels Line Dancing from 7:00 – 9:00 pm CST, All dances run through once, $10 (Recording Provided) – I’ve noted the alternate dance second, when applicable (B1=Beginner 1, B2=Beginner 2, I=Intermediate

  1. Just A Two Steppin’ (B1)
  2. Tush Push (B2) / The Fighter (I)
  3. Funkalicious (I) / Skate (B1) 
  4. Honky Tonk Highway (B2) / K Step Boogie (B1)
  5. Hypnotized Cha (I) / Cruisin’ (B2)
  6. Back It Up (I) / Charleston Cowboy (B1)
  7. New Tattoo (B2) / Cupid Shuffle (B1)
  8. Get Wild (I) / Cowboy Up (B1)
  9. Curious Girl (I) / Creepin’ (B1)
  10. Tragedy (I) / I Love A Rainy Night (B1)
  11. Greater Than Me (I) / Cowboy Up (B1)
  12. Back On Texas Time (B2)
  13. Banjo (I) / Just A Two Steppin’ (B1)
  14. Ain’t Misbehavin’ (I) / Skate (B1)
  15. Crazy Foot Mambo (I) / Brown Chicken Brown Cow (B1)
  16. Jukebox (I) / Country As Can Be (B1)
  17. Charleston Cowboy (B1)
  18. Speed of Love (I) / Skip (B2)
  19. Senorita La La La (I) / Stroll Along Cha Cha (B2)
  20. Shot of Tequila (I) / Little Rumba (B1)
  21. Blurred Lines (B2) / Wannabe (I)
  22. Chill Factor (I) / Not Yet (B2)
  23. Dan’s Dirty Boots (I) / Canadian Stomp (B1)
  24. Can You Two Step (B2)
  25. Overcomer (B1)



To attend any 7 pm class, please register by 5 pm CST at on the day of the event.  You will receive TWO Zoom links to attend on the day of the class/dance, one in the afternoon and one at 6 pm CST.  Please check your spam, trash, or junk mail, as these emails are sent 100% of the time.  Unfortunately they get stuck in cyberspace sometimes.  The recording will always be sent to you for any class you registered for; I encourage you to dance to it.  It’s always synchronized and perfect!  To find when your favorite dance was taught, visit the Virtual Index spreadsheet, located in your Members Only area, at the top of the list of dances.

“See” you soon!

Love ya!