Saturday is finally here!  And for those of you who just completed your session of dancing, so is your field trip!!

Tonight is our monthly open line dance – with couples welcome – in Warrenville (3s240 Warren Ave., at Manning, in Warrenville – small gym) from 7 – 10 pm!!  (By the way – BATAVIA RD IS CLOSED AT BUTTERFIELD – plan your detour!!)  Feel free to bring your own munchies – and your kids!  Music will start at 6:30 and we will play your requests all night long – as we celebrate Kelly’s 40th birthday!  Kelly is the third 40th we’ve celebrated this year – WOW, what a year!  Who is Kelly, you ask?

About 2 1/2 years ago Shelia (from Mary Love’s Oswego group) decided to try out a country bar in Plano.  Since she lives out in Sandwich, it was no big deal for her…and she dragged her daughter Kelly along.  I was teaching there and Jeff was DJ’ing (thank you AGAIN, Randy & Mary!!!) and Kelly had never seen line dancing before.  I still remember the look on her face….it was kind of like, “Well, Huh!”  She danced a bit…and then a few weeks later showed up at my Wednesday Intermediate line dance class in Wheaton, where she’s been faithfully every week since.  The girl knows a lot of dances…but since she skipped all the beginner classes, she still has that, “Well, Huh!” look on her face every time we dance an easy dance.  So all you newbies…feel free to show her a thing or two…but watch out when the “shakin'” dances come on, cuz this woman gives Dawn and me a run for our money!!  Please join us in wishing her a Happy Birthday…and let’s dance and eat cake together!!

And don’t forget…we begin a new session of line dancing this week:

Wednesdays in Wheaton, Beginner 1-2 (from 6:15-7:30) and Intermediate 2 (7:45-9:00) – call 630-665-4710
Thursdays in Carol Stream , Beginner 1 from 7:15-8:30 –  call 630-784-6100

DETOUR SUGGETION:  The easiest route is as follows: From RT 59, turn east onto BATAVIA RD. Proceed past the big church on the left, past Williams Rd (north) and turn right on WILLIAMS RD. (south). Go a short distance to CALUMET where you want to turn east (left). Continue straight until you get to a short temporary road called ROCKWELL (near the post office) where you will be turning right (your only option). Stay on Rockwell (a gravel/asphalt mix), stop at the stop sign (CAUTION IT’S ONLY A 2 WAY STOP) at the Rockwell/Butterfield intersection, then proceed carefully across Butterfield Rd and continue straight. Very soon you will need to turn left on STAFFORD RD where you go past the library and city hall and the flag display. A simple merge right onto WARREN RD will get you to the Community Center. Good luck !!!

See you soon!!

Janet Kruse

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