Recently I read a statement that stuck with me:  Fresh Rain Makes Things Grow.  It got me thinking about how inconvenient rain is, and how we reluctantly tolerate it…but then we enjoy its lush, green results.  I know you’ve heard it before, but just like irritating rain produces beautiful greenery,  we have to get through the difficult or inconvenient things in life to grow our character.  Just think of the possibilities:  whatever problems we resolve will make us a little more mature (if we let them) and life will be a bit better.  I challenge you to look for that opportunity in your life during this week!

We tried just that this past Saturday night.  KV Shots Sports Bar in Warrenville is not a country venue by any means, yet they offered a night of country music – and their air conditioning was broken.  We danced for almost FIVE hours!  I’m sure their regulars had never seen anything like us before – but now they know that country music is alive and thriving!!  So all that SWEAT still bore fruit:  camaraderie, new “converts” – and Michael won the Las Vegas trip which was raffled away!!!  That’s some benefit – and congratulations, Michael!

Top Row Standing:  Diana, Rob, Dan, Anthony, Amy, Bill
Middle Row:  Michael, Sue, Cathy, Dolores
Bottom:  Janet, Carmi, Courtney, John

Don’t forget:  Let the rains of life grow you!  And I will see YOU on the dance floor!!

Janet Kruse

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