It’s here!  The moment you’ve been waiting for!  You talked to Cadillac Ranch management, and they listened…and at 7 pm the doors will open tonight for LINE DANCE & LADIES’ NIGHT, with an intermediate lesson at 7:30 (Walking Away, brand new from the choreographer of TOES!) and a beginner lesson at 8:30, Ghost Train.  You ROCK!

Since I’m smiling already, I’m passing along a link Julie T. sent me, which is worth listening to.  Even though it’s not country music, it’s about OUR country, one I’m PROUD to be a part of, and one we are all BLESSED to be a part of.  Sure to give you goosebumps – with my compliments!  Enjoy, and I’ll see you tonight!  (And Friday, and at classes – all starting next week!!)

Janet Kruse

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