Gratitude is the Memory of a Glad Heart
– from today’s devotional in Our Daily Bread

At this time last year, I was wondering how many more Thanksgivings I’d have to celebrate…if I’d be around to see my 50th birthday in October of 2017…and what items I had not yet completed on my bucket list.  I was facing a hysterectomy, which was actually done last December 5th.  I knew others had had surgeries without complications, but I was well aware of the risks and the possibility that something could go wrong.  Since we never know when our time will be up, I came to grips with the chance that I might never wake up from the anesthesia.  I went into the surgery with “all my affairs in order”.  I was prepared to meet my Maker.  I figured, either way the surgery went, I would be in a good spot.

No one was more surprised than I was to wake up on a gurney being wheeled somewhere in the hospital.  I remember thinking, Wow, I’m still here!  I made it!  And let me tell you, as much as I’d love to meet the Lord face-to-face, no one had more gratitude in her heart than I did at that moment!!  I was still alive and present here on Earth, and I was THANKFUL!!!!

Last fall’s experience changed me forever.  Life is now categorized as Before Surgery and After Surgery.  The events that occurred B.S. (how’s that for an amusing spin on those initials??!!) still have a little film and fog on them, and probably always will, even though they represent 95% of my life.  I see everything differently now.  And that means Thanksgiving really resonates.  Every morning I wake up with, “Thank you, Father God, for another day to live” on my lips, and today, I say it with extra fervor.  May you, as well!!!

So, since I’m 50 now, and hopefully have 50 more years to go, I’ve decided to celebrate my half-over life (guess that means I’m middle-aged now, HA!!) with a HALF-OFF SALE!!  All items in my Dance With Janet store will be 50% off from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.  Now is the time to pick up some dance lessons for your own library or for a friend who’s been watching your dancing obsession with amusement from afar!!!  Visit and enter this coupon code, which is good till 11:59 pm on Cyber Monday:



Happy Thanksgiving to you, and happy shopping!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend spending time with your family and friends!  I’m going to Louisville tomorrow to spend the weekend with my older daughter Jessa, who just became engaged to her marvelous beau, David.  I’ll see you all on Monday, when classes resume.

And, would you take 5 minutes and give me your opinion on our DWJ dance venues please, if you haven’t already?  The end of 2017 is near, and I am making decisions about where we will dance in 2018.  Your opinion matters!  After all, without dancers, we have no dance, do we?  Thank you for your feedback!!


  • Join us for:
    • This TUESDAY’s dance at the West Chicago American Legion, 123 Main St., from 7 – 10 pm ($7)
    • Our next BRIDGE dance on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 2nd, at the Downers Sand Club Bar & Grill, from 7 – 11 pm ($10 with one hour of Beginner lessons, $7 for dancing only)
    • The Upcoming Events page for more details on dances!!
  • Have you “LIKED” my Dance With Janet Facebook page, along with the OVER 24,000 fans who have?  Pop on over to and click the “LIKE” button to keep up on what’s new!  All the photos from dances are posted to my Facebook page, as well as the PHOTOS tab of my website
  • About 15 in-person classes per week are offered by the Dance With Janet team; take your pick!  Choose a level most comfortable for you (Beginner 1 or 2 or Intermediate 1 or 2) and a location near you at
  • The 2019 Dance With Janet Cruise has been finalized and promises to be the BEST one yet!  At only $80/night (including lodging, all-you-can-eat food, taxes & port charges, and visits to the A-B-C Islands), it can’t be beat in price OR destinations!! Catch all the details at; Harlan is accepting reservations already!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  You are SO loved!!!

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