• Please watch the video above addressing changes in our Tuesday dances, starting THIS Tuesday October 16th.  I’ll follow this new format for the Fermilab dance on October 26th as well.  Any dance frustration you may be dealing with should soon be a thing of the past!
  • The clock is ticking as the deadline for the 2020 DWJ Cruise approaches.  Only ELEVEN spots remain; one lovely lady needs a roommate, and 5 double rooms are still open.  On October 15th, those rooms will be pulled by Royal Caribbean and the group rates we have will be gone, never to be seen again.  Want to join in the fun?  Get the scoop at https://www.dancewithjanet.com/cruise2020 and send in your registration form to Harlan TODAY!!
  • I’m off to Windy City Line Dance Mania after the DanceAttics class at 7 pm tonight.  My 3 early classes WILL RUN today (1:00 & 2:45 at the Geneva American Legion & 5:30 at the Wheaton VFW), but Darien, Butterfield, and Wheaton Couples classes WILL NOT MEET tonight.  The full schedule of classes resumes next week.  I’m bringing sandwich fixings and veggies & dip; please bring a dish if you wish for the community smorgasbord.  If you want to find me, just send me a text.  DWJ shirts are welcome; it’s always nice to be part of a group!  I’ll be wearing one both Friday and Saturday so I’ll be easy to spot.  I can’t waith for you to meet my special guest!!  Details can be found at http://www.countryedge.com (and shopping for dance shoes does NOT require admission to the event).  I suggest you park in the Fashion Outlet Mall if you won’t be staying overnight, as parking is free in that lot and it’s a 5 minute walk across the street to the Crowne Plaza Hotel.
  • Pat Leatherwood’s church, Our Lady of Mercy, is hosting Mercyfest this weekend (10/10-10/13), and 7th Heaven is performing on Saturday October 12th!  She’d love to line dance with you to their music!  Admission is FREE and they perform from 7-10 pm in the Pub & Grill tent.  The address is 701 S. Eola Rd in Aurora (just north of Rt. 34 on Eola St., about a half mile west of Rt. 59).  Lots of options this weekend, aren’t there?!

That’s all for now; see you on the dance floor!

Love ya!