Happy Thursday to you, and welcome to another word from Yours Truly!

I have been so blessed to have met so many people in the dancing community. You are ALL WONDERFUL, and quite a few of you have become indispensable to me…yes, there are people I cannot live without that I’ve met on the DANCE FLOOR, of all places! Who’d have thought? It’s my sincere wish that you would say the same thing. More and more I see people chatting with each other – even with people they don’t know. That’s fantastic! We are all part of this community where we’re bound by a common passion: a love of moving to music. How exciting to walk into a dance and know you have something in common with everyone else in the room! It’s safe to talk to anyone and everyone; each person is a potential lifelong friend. Enjoy discovering them!!!

To expand on that theme, I’m featuring two people today – Dancers You Should Know. Meet Sue Knoebel and Michael Brancato!

Michael and Sue have been taking lessons *ONLY* since September of 2011. Their consistency and dedication is inspirational!! Their home class is Wheaton Beginner Line Dancing on Wednesday evenings, and I’m sure you’ve seen at least one of them out dancing regularly. They have faithfully learned 1-4 dances every week for the last ten months – WOW!!! It’s safe to say they’re addicts. :)) You may recognize yourself in them…check out their stories:

What first got you interested in taking dance lessons?
Michael’s friend Rosemary (a dancer in the Wednesday Wheaton Intermediate 2 class) told him dancing is a blast, and he should check it out. He did…and he now agrees with her!
Sue teaches Physical Education in an elementary school and was told she had to begin teaching her students a dance unit. Since she didn’t dance, she figured she’d better learn quickly…and got hooked! She’s since taught her classes Cupid Shuffle, Mamma Maria, Electric Slide, and Mustang Sally (among others) and the kids are thrilled!

Why do you keep returning to classes?
They’ve both made the astounding discovery that dancing is FUN…imagine that!

Any advice for new dancers?
Sue & Michael agree that the more you dance, the easier dancing becomes. They are now leaders in their class – they “man” the back row and newer dancers follow them!! – and they got that way by showing up consistently. So…all together now…DON’T QUIT!! KEEP DANCING!!

See you on the dance floor!!

Janet Kruse

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