Although I’ve had the website for 7 years, I confess I’ve not been as dedicated to it as I should have been. I’ve been…distracted. Well, now I’m in recovery, and I finally listened to my FABULOUS webmaster’s urging and spent the time needed to clean cyberhouse with her, page by page. Hence, the picture above depicting Courtney’s delight! She literally did rebuild the site, and IT REALLY IS AWESOME!! I am SO blessed to have her on my team!! Please take a look; you should be able to get a solid lay of the land within fifteen minutes. It’s loaded with all kinds of information. I suggest you start with, as new class sessions start this Monday, June 3rd.  Helpful Hint: The menu bar has been moved to the bottom. Happy hunting!!


Speaking of schedules, please make a note of a few changes:

Classes CANCELLED this session, THROUGH MID JULY:
– Bloomingdale Beginner 1 (Monday AND Wednesday – Cathy)
– Butterfield Beginner 1 (Thursday – Karen)
– Front Street Beginner 1 (Friday – Karen)
– West Chicago Beginner 1 (Friday AND Saturday – Cathie)
– Warrenville Beginner 1 (Saturday – Cathie)

2 of my personal classes CANCELLED due to schedule conflicts:
-Geneva American Legion Intermediate AND Beginner 1 on JUNE 13 & JUNE 20

We’ll be sharing line dancing with our community at THREE performances in June:

– West Chicago Pool on 6/9
– Rotary Grove Fest on 6/22
– Swedish Days Parade on 6/23
Details, including songs and dances planned, are at


I’m headed to the Cincinnati area this weekend to share Noah’s Ark & the Creation Museum with Mom and our friends Barb & Sherri, so I’m not hosting any dances this weekend (or next weekend, incidentally). I’ll dance with you next on Tuesday at the Wheaton VFW, and I’ll be back for Wheaton’s classes starting at 5:30 on Monday! 

See you on the dance floor!


P.S. We only have 12 more rooms available for our 2020 DWJ Cruise! Book now at