Good morning!

Hard to believe that this time last year I announced my plans to move to Louisville in the summer of 2020.  Was it only a year ago?  Covid sure changed the world quickly; that meeting with everyone in my basement seems like it happened a lifetime ago.  And yet this week marks my last week dancing virtually in my kitchen.  I’m still moving, but I am relieved to be staying in the Chicagoland area.  A move out of state right now would simply be too stressful.  Most of my furniture was moved this past weekend, but dealing with the remaining piddly items is very time-consuming and energy-draining.  I’ll be glad when this is over.  I’ll move the dogs and start staying at my new home on Saturday.  Filming from the new dance room debuts next Monday the 23rd!  I’m SO grateful for all the help I’ve received from so many friends; thank you so much!!

I really appreciate you line dancing with me and the other DWJ Instructors.  Whether it’s virtually or in small groups, we have survived the last 8 months.  Although the government deems line dancing as “non-essential”, a lot of us feel it is VERY essential.  The distraction from the stress of Covid & politics is a welcome one, and stretching our brains is critical to our sanity.  So we will continue to offer leading you, as long as there continues to be those who want to dance!  The schedule has not changed, but if you don’t feel comfortable dancing in-person, I encourage you to visit for at-home options.  I still teach five LIVE virtual classes per week, and have recorded hundreds more.  Recordings are predictable; if you have a PC, just download the file and play it with ANY PLAYER so everything is synchronized (that’s really the name of the player).  Macs will play the file with their default player without issues.  Choose your level and browse the offerings to see what dances are included.  Happy shopping!!

If another lockdown is ordered and Park Districts close, everyone who is currently enrolled in classes will receive COMPLETE recordings of the curriculum, AT NO CHARGE, so you can complete the material virtually.  I recorded them for just this purpose – so you could learn the same material from home as you would in-person.  You will be contacted if this occurs; until then, the schedule stands.

It’s uncertain how events will change this weekend.  I’m planning on leading and teaching dancing at the Spotted Fox in Carpentersville this Saturday evening, and a Bridge dance is set for this Sunday afternoon in Wheaton.  So far, these have not been cancelled; stay tuned for updates.  As we all know, this situation is fluid and seems to change every week.

**DWJ In-Person Mask Policy**:  Masks are optional.  When we dance inside, it’s with limited attendance in a big space so we can be adequately spaced apart and comfortably line dance without masks.  During classes in Park Districts, that rule applies also, but masks are required in common areas.  Additionally, Bloomingdale & Wheaton Park Districts require masks the entire time we are in one of their facilities, even when we’re dancing.

Love ya!