I’m trying to make things easier for you AND me.  A lot of you have continued to dance (hard, I might add) even after the dance world shut down six months ago.  Virtual classes have become commonplace, in-person classes have resumed, and we are even dancing at the VFW again!!  Still, the dedicated line dancers among you need some help.

If you take classes like I show below (and I’m reflecting reality!!), I’m sure you’ve noticed it’s easy to spend MORE than you did pre-covid.  Even though we have less options to spend our money socially, no one likes to spend MORE!  Take a look at a sample:

  • 2 virtual classes per week (choose from Monday, Wednesday, or every other Friday) @ $8 = $16
  • 1 in-person class per week (meeting Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday) @ $8 = $8
  • 1 dance per week (every other Friday or Sundays) @ $10 = $10

Weekly total (dancing four times per week) = $34
Four weeks at $34/week = $136 per month

You want to line dance, and I’m right there with ya.  I tested a monthly pass and I’m ready to tweak it in the hopes of it fitting into your budget and bringing you out to dance more.  Last time the pass was only good for $8 items (like virtual and in-person classes) so I’m adding ALL dances to the pass for only $15 more, per month.  Let’s face it, if people don’t attend dances, I won’t be able to rent the hall for us.  I do have dance dates planned through the end of 2020 in the hopes that more dancers will feel comfortable enough to return.  It’s a crazy world we live in nowadays, isn’t it?

Starting in October, the DWJ Monthly Pass will be $95 and will include ALL regular monthly items.  The only items NOT included will be classes offered through Park Districts and the Beginner 1/Beginner 2 three-class curriculum.  If you only dance three times a week with me you will SAVE money, as two classes and one dance run $26/week (and four weeks of $26/week is $104).

Please, do the math and see if this will work for you.  It’s not for everyone, as some of you are not ready to dance again in-person yet.  However, it WILL help the die-hard dancers.  My world has been hit by covid, no doubt, but I still see most of those who have stuck this out FOUR to SIX times a week.  When you show up four to six times a week, you are spending more than $95 a month with me.  Let’s help each other here!!!  Grab your pass:

Love ya!