The Coyote Moon Dancers are based in Joliet and have invited me to teach at their 15th Annual Country Dance Workshop on Saturday, March 28th.  If you are up for a field trip – and for discovering where Joliet is – I invite you to join us!  I always meet wonderful people there (I met Luanne & Kris from the TMC Legacy Dance Club there two years ago; Luanne will be teaching with me on the 2nd Annual Dance With Janet Cruise in 2016).  I’ll be teaching the line dance, Jukebox, and the partner pattern dance, Homegrown Honky Tonk.  Six hours of lessons, three hours of evening dancing, as well as lunch and dinner are included in your registration.  Such a deal!

Additionally, The Chicago Classic (West Coast Swing event) will be held this weekend, March 12-15, at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare, 9300 Bryn Mawr Ave. in Rosemont.  Visit their website at for more information.  As always, I recommend a local dance convention for the best selection of SHOES!  Happy shopping!

See you on the dance floor,

Janet Kruse

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