Nowadays, it’s tough to know what to call my younger daughter when I talk about her.  I’ve called her Katie or Kate her whole life, and she went by her full name of Kathleen for a couple of years, but people who’ve met her recently know her by Kat.  Please understand if the names we call her don’t match – we really are referring to the same person.  Doesn’t she look striking in that cowboy hat?

Kat has recently joined forces with World Champion dancer Brian Wong of Chicago Dance Factory.  She is instructing from their base at Ballroom City in Villa Park and is the CDF Studio Manager.  I highly recommend them for specialized instruction in all types of couples dancing.

I am excited to announce the official debut of “Dance With Janet meets Chicago Dance Factory”!  Kat will be co-teaching the Beginners Two Step class with me (Mondays, April 6 – 27 from 4:45 – 6 pm, in Wheaton)!!  

  • For four Mondays in a row, Kat and I will be demonstrating the proper technique of Two Step which will clarify this difficult dance
  • You’ll learn basic moves and patterns which will help you dance Two Step smoothly in a social setting
  • There’s no doubt Two Step is the most difficult of the country couples dances, yet it is THE staple dance, and IMHO everyone should be familiar with it
  • I cannot guarantee that this partnership will be presented again in later classes, so sign up for this opportunity TODAY!
  • We can only fit about 20 couples dancers in the room, so when the class is full…it’s full!
  • Attend with a partner or alone; we always have extra people and so can match people up (only for lessons – you’re on your own for anything else!!)
  • DVD’s will be available soon

We’ve begun preparing the curriculum and will start filming next week.  Your four lessons (total of 5 hours of instruction) also includes access to online review videos, so you’re guaranteed to not forget what you’ve learned.  Call 630-665-4710 to register for class #222114-01 ($34 for Wheaton residents, $42 for non-residents) or register online right away!  (Can you tell I’m excited about this??!!)

We will see you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse

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