Just a few short days ago I approached the edge of a cliff on the island of St. Maarten and looked down, and what I saw took my breath away.  It was a moment I will never forget.  The crashing surf, the water that stretched endlessly away from me, and the sunshine blazing through the crystal clear sky was mind boggling.  My first thought was, THANK YOU!  As most of you know by now, I was terrified at the idea of a cruise.  Bonnie Marr, Karen Moutvic, Rob Ryan, & Bill Harris spent MONTHS encouraging me to put one together. My dance partner at the time, Chris, was, however, the person who made me push the button and do this thing. I will never forget his mischievous grin and the twinkle in his eye as he said to me, let’s do this!  When I gazed upon the waters of the ocean last Tuesday, I was so grateful I took that plunge; had I not, I never would have seen all the magnificent sites I saw this past week and on last year’s cruise. Sunshine, airplanes, ships, oceans, new countries, and unimaginable experiences are not my friends without a lot of work on my part. I was perfectly happy staying in flat, boring Illinois and vacationing in the lovely land of Wisconsin. No more.

I’ve learned that the things we fear the most aren’t as scary as we think they are. So much of it is in our heads. That doesn’t mean it’s easy or there’s no struggle to push through that wall that we’ve built around ourselves  It means IT CAN BE DONE, and it’s worth the effort. Because we naturally resist change, we become prisoners within the comfort zone that we establish for ourselves. I like my comfort zone and my little bubble even more than the next person, but I am so amazed at how things have worked out. I’m still concerned about theGod’s history with me, though, I’m comforted.

I am still shocked, stunned, amazed, & blown away at how these two cruises have worked out. This past week I saw over a hundred dancers basically held captive on a ship, living with each other, and some of them rooming with people they had never met before. They had to work through all kinds of situations and act like the adults they are, & I am delighted to report that once again it was a drama-free adventure with grown people talking through their problems, accepting reality, and rolling with the curve balls life threw – like the waves of the ocean.  WOOHOO!!  See?? It CAN be done!!!

Thank you ALL for a refreshing, relaxing, and rejuvenating vacation!  The dances we learned were even more challenging as the floor shifted beneath our feet with the movement of the ship. Talk about rocking our world!  We learned how to integrate staggering into dancing.  It will be so simple this week, as the floor will be stationary!!  Thank you, Lynn Card and Luanne Arndt, for joining the instructor staff & providing variety to all the dancers. Thank you, Jeff Kruse, for being the most entertaining DJ possible! And thank you, Courtney Blum, for attending to all the little details that threatened to fry my brain. All of you made this the most unbelievable get-away I’ve ever had in the most brilliant sunlight I ever thought possible. I cannot wait for next year’s trip and I look forward to reading all your input (in your surveys – please be sure to return them to me!!) to make next year EVEN BETTER, which is inconceivable!! I am so grateful to have met all of you; you are all simply FABULOUS!  I’m so thankful to God for you and thrilled beyond words to be able to dance with you for the rest of my life!  What a prospect!

Dance Details:

  • Classes resume TODAY!
  • TOMORROW, 3/1, at Cadillac Ranch (www.cadranch.com) I will be teaching EVERYBODY 1,2,3,4 at 7:30 & DRINK MY WAY OUT at 8:30.  On Friday, my daughter Kat will be subbing for me again, as I’ll be out of town for the Ft. Wayne Dance For All convention.  COWGIRLS’ TWIST.   On Fridays, doors open at 7 and we’ll start lessons at 7:30, with a $3 cover charge.  Cadillac Ranch is no longer presenting live bands on Fridays.
  • Thursday Classes WILL NOT MEET I forgot I have a dance convention that day.  I apologize.  The Thursday St. Charles Class’ make up day will be Thursday, April 7th and the Carol Stream Intermediate and Beginner Classes’ make up day will be Thursday, April 14th.
  • Our next Warrenville Dances are SATURDAY, March 5th (7-10 pm) & SUNDAY, March 13th (6-9 pm) – preceded by DANCE WORKSHOPS FROM 3 – 5:15 – at the Warrenville Community Building, 3S240 Warren Ave.   Saturday’s dance will be all lines; couples are always welcome to dance around the perimeter ($5 cover includes 2 line dance lessons, at 7:30 & 8:30; you’re welcome to bring snacks).  Dance alternating sets of Couples and Lines at Sunday Nite Country on the 13th ($5 admission; dinner served from 5:30 – 7 for an additional $5).  I’ll be teaching line dances, and Gary will be teaching couples classes at the Dance Workshops (aka Boot Camp)
  • Warrenville’s Saturday 5 pm class will meet for the last time on 4/9/16.  If you have any unused punches on your punch card, please use them up before then, as this class at this time will no longer be offered after 4/9
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  • Please return your DWJ Cruise surveys to me ASAP as planning for next year’s event has already begun, and I would like your input!  We will be announcing a POST-CRUISE PARTY soon – BUT the party will be after the next trip has been planned, so if you would like to vote on next year, SEND ME YOUR SURVEYS!!!!

See you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse