Today is the day!!!  Two years ago the Cadillac Ranch Dance Team began.  From that group, the Country Cruisers were officially born in April of 2014.  The Cruisers' goal was to compete with their dance number at the UCWDC Country Dance Worlds Championships in Orlando, Florida, at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort.  Off we go (like Jill, above) to fulfill that dream; we compete on New Year's Day.  If you'll be in that area then (ROGER & MARY!!) please come see us!!  By this evening we will all be there to meet up with my daughter Kat, who has been a PHENOMENAL coach with me for this team.  The things she has learned while studying under Brian Wong for the last six months have enhanced our routine to an INCREDIBLE degree.  The final draft of this number is a total credit to her, and we are so blessed to have her be such a huge part of it!  She justifiably steals the show at the end – some of you saw that when we performed at Cadillac Ranch this past Tuesday.  Pretty unforgettable, huh?!  We are going to have a blast together during this week's convention!

Since I will be gone all this week (we return 1/4/15), a few things should be addressed:

  • Sunday Nite Country WILL RUN tonight 12/28; Jeff will be there to DJ.  I will be in Florida and will miss dancing with you all!
  • Lessons WILL STILL BE OFFERED at Cadillac Ranch on Tuesday and Friday; PATRICK will teach in my absence.  He's the best booty-shaker I know, so don't miss Bump 'n' Grind with him on Tuesday, or Tush Push like you've never seen it before on Friday!
  • JEFF'S BIRTHDAY IS TUESDAY 12/30 (he never reads my newsletters so I can tell you this and he'll never know *:D big grin) so please make a bit of a fuss over him at the Ranch for me, will you?
  • COURTNEY will still be in town to handle any administrative matters you may have.  She's so much better at it than I am that you'll never notice I'm gone!
  • I've decided to EXTEND the FREE HOLIDAY DVD of new beginner & intermediate line dances (21 in all) with the purchase of any Box Set DVD ( until I return on January 4th.  They will be available in person or through the link provided.
  • IN-PERSON LESSONS start back up again for EVERY CLASS the week of Monday, JANUARY 5th.  Can't wait to see you all again – some really juicy dances are in the queue for the intermediate classes, so register today!  Exact times & locations and registration information can be found at
  • COUPLES CLASSES WITH JAN & CHRIS are back starting Monday, January 5th at 4:45 pm in Wheaton.  We begin with Double Two for the month of January – you've been asking about Chris' return; here he is!  This class is confirmed to run, and as you know, the videos are already done.  Let's dance!

I know it's more than a week away, but I will still see you on the dance floor!  Have a fantastic week and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Janet Kruse

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