Good morning!

I’m blessed to be back line dancing a TON again – thankfully, I know a lot of Danceaholics who want to get back on the floor ! Sure does help, especially with all the upsetting news nowadays. I was really struggling, and feeling lonely & isolated…you know…

I felt so content last night after my third class of the day; it was a doozy. I led a six-dance review for Intermediate class:

-Speak With Your Heart
-Adventure 45
-Swing Time Boogie
-Mom the Bomb
-Hypnotized Cha


Last Tuesday night I saterted meeting with Beginner 2 dancers in my garage. Tomorrow, Intermediate dancers meet in person at 10 am, and then a group of us are going dancing in Hoffman Estates in the evening. I was missing everyone SO much…and now, life is better!!!🤗

Love you guys!!!