When Denny and I went to Alaska a couple of weeks ago, I was struck by the differences – in our environment, culture, personalities, everything!  I’ve always known people are different; it just REALLY hit home, being in The Last Frontier.  Look at Denny with Julie’s teenage sons, Benjamin and Joshua, pictured above.  The boys have lived in Alaska all their lives, and 7 degrees to them meant they should throw a sweatshirt on over their t-shirt.  Denny, on the other hand, was turning into a popsicle before my very eyes.  And yet, DIFFERENT didn’t mean WRONG, just NOT THE SAME.  Why do we judge others for not being the same as we are?  It’s impossible, after all.

Comments from the Native Alaskan boys I will always remember:
–  Why do you wear a coat over your sweatshirt?  Aren’t you HOT?
–  Why is 70 degrees too cold to go swimming?  70 degrees is hot
–  Anchorage isn’t cold, McGrath is, where it’s 40 degrees below zero (we agree on that!)
–  McGrath is a city because there are 300 people in it and it has indoor plumbing
–  We don’t spread salt over the roads up here; that would attract the moose

And the moral of the story is…EVERYTHING IS RELATIVE.  Like the song says, “You’re you, I’m me, together we can live in harmony.”  Enjoy the variety of the people you interact with every day – it keeps life interesting!!


  • Due to this weekend’s snowstorm, TOMORROW’S DANCE AT THE YMCA HAS BEEN CANCELED. More snow is predicted, and I think we’ll be too tired to dance from shoveling, and too leery of slippery roads to go out in  the snow.  Join us next weekend as we dance SATURDAY the 17th at Fermilab with DJ Jeff from 7 – 10 pm
  • Catch up on your Beginner 1 dances and get a little exercise in, the fun way – at our DROP-IN Beginner 1 line dance classes at DWJ‘s new partner location, Front Street Dance Studio, 26W229 Geneva Rd. in Wheaton.  Choose 10 – 11:15 on Thursdays (taught by Cathy) or 1 – 2:15 on Fridays (taught by Karen) – or both!!!  No experience is required – and no night driving is, either!  $7/class, pay as you go
  • New COUPLES’ CLASSES start Thursday, FEBRUARY 22nd, at 7:30 in Wheaton.  I’ll be presenting an intro to Couples’ Country for six classes, including theory, some pattern dances, and Double Two & Two Step. See the Teaching Schedule page for registration & location info for this and all the other levels of classes offered
  • “I-DAY” was a SMASHING SUCCESS!  We’ll run it every quarter, but from 4 – 9 pm, and at the Geneva American Legion.  Stay tuned for upcoming dates
  • NEW EVENT:  Intermediate ONLY Dances from 7-10 pm, preceded by a potluck dinner from 6-7, at Front Street Dance Studio on 3/9, 4/13, 6/22, and 7/28
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See you on the dance floor – you are loved!!


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