Without a doubt, we are all dealt different hands in life. Some people seem to have a perpetual cloud over their heads. Others seem to live a charmed life. But even if problems. dodge us constantly, it's still possible for our lives to go well. It's all about how we are playing our hands. 

Remember the inspiring stories we have been told, the tales of people who have had great adversity and have risen above it and are living phenomenally productive lives despite it? 

Consider Joni Eareckson Tada, who was a normal teenager until she dove into a lake and hit her head on the bottom and instantly became a quadriplegic. Not only is she happily married now, but she has written multiple books, cut a few albums, and created magnificent masterpieces which she has painted with a brush held IN HER TEETH.

What about Nick Vujicic, who is a successful motivational speaker, husband, and father, and has NO ARMS OR LEGS?

The list goes on. We inspire others AND OURSELVES when we take the lousy experiences in our lives, the lemons, & handle them well by making lemonade out of them. Even in the depths of poverty we've seen and heard of people who spirits are at peace because they find happiness, despite their circumstances. Having the Lord's joy in our souls is what makes all the difference in the world. His peace that passes all understanding helps us play our hands with a smile. 

Even if Christmas isn't the perfect holiday we wish it would be, the kind the world says it SHOULD be, it can still be a wonderful experience, based on how we play it. There's an ace in our hands somewhere. It's up to us to find it. Happy shuffling – and Merry Christmas to you! 


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I pray you are having a wonderful season with your family and friends!  You are SO loved!!


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