3-Week Beginner 1 Class – Session 4


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A THREE-week class covering all of the dances from Beginner 1 Session 4.  This class will run on June 2nd, June 9th, and June 16th.

Learn all 9 line dances taught in Session 4 of a Dance With Janet Beginner 1 class.  In this class, Janet duplicated and condensed an in-person class.  It is taught as if you were a brand new dancer and Janet was standing in front of you.  After thoroughly teaching the Line Dance, she dances it with you for the entire song (sometimes to two songs).  Complimentary digital recording provided at the completion of the class.

Class 1 – June 2nd:

  • Good Morning by Jo Thompson-Szymanski and Michelle Cook Holloway
  • Electric Horseman by Unknown
  • Bang Bang EZ by Annemarie Sleeth

Class 2 – June 9th:

  • Love Repeats by Michele Burton
  • Victory Lines by Unknown
  • I Love A Rainy Night by Iris M. Mooney

Class 3 – June 16th:

  • Brown Chicken Brown Cow by Ed Royko
  • D.H.S.S. by Gaye Teather
  • Tricky Tricky by Unknown