I’ve been assured that I’ve seen this shirt worn before, but it sure didn’t seem like it when I saw it this past Thursday in class.  Scandalous!!!  But it could be fun…to scoot your bootie…HOW??  Well, however you’d like to scoot it, have at it.  Just make sure your neighbor is agreeable. *:D big grin

Line dancing is my “big thing” because I truly believe everyone can do it.  “Normal” people – meaning, people who don’t spend hours a day training in a dance studio – are provided organized movements to do on the dance floor.  The same is true for couples dancing, but that is in general more complicated, simply because two people are involved instead of one.  Line dancing meets countless people where they are and provides guidelines on what to do, and it’s up to each person to “scoot” it so it’s most comfortable for them.  It’s the perfect entrance point into the dance world.  The only WRONG way to line dance is to get in your neighbor’s space without their permission!  That’s a lot of leeway; my kind of dancing, for sure.  No pressure; instead, limitless options – and all of them correct.  No wonder we share this with our friends!  IT’S FUN, and fun can be in short supply in daily living, can’t it?  As Marge said yesterday, after a hard day at the office, a little bit of dancing can fix the resulting stress!  So very true!!

Try it!  We line dance at Warrenville THIS SATURDAY NIGHT from 7-10 (ALL AGES are welcome) and every Tuesday and Friday at Cadillac Ranch.  But…scoot it clothed, please.  It’s safer! *;) winking

See you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse

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