Yesterday’s performance at Warrenville’s Dance Recital was a hit!  The dances were flawless.  Thank you so much to everyone who spent two hours of their afternoon with me!

L-R Front Row:  Sue Jarocki Peggy Rechka, Cathie Friedel, Courtney Blum, Evelyn Li, Carmi Cyrus, Diane Homolka.  L-R Back Row:  Phil Brackmann, Janet Kruse, Kathy Gowgiel, Janet VanderVeen.  Not pictured:  Barb Klinton

Tonight we’ll meet at Cadillac Ranch ( for our couples Field Trip – we sit at the tables on either side of the DJ.  Please join us for dinner and dancing (and Rob’s birthday celebration) from 6-11 pm!

See you on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse

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