One of the best things about dancing on a performance team is dancing in a pool!  The Cadillac Ranch Dance Team performed at Turtle Splash Water Park in West Chicago this past Sunday afternoon, and it was HOT, HOT, HOT…unless we were dancing in the water!  Even though summer's ending, it's still here enough that we had plenty of patrons joining us for the easy line dances like Cupid Shuffle (aka, Downtown Sudafed, LOL).  Thanks to the members of the dance team who spent their afternoon entertaining, and who have done so countless times this past season!!

The Dance With Janet Cruise special is ending soon too – ONLY 3 CABINS REMAIN at the introductory group rate pricing!  Complete and return your registration form to Janet BY SEPTEMBER 4 to save yourself a seat – it's gonna be fun!  I agreed to try the zip-lining offered on the ship…and I'm afraid of heights, too, did I mention that?  Nothing like coming clean on all my fears and admitting to being a scaredy cat.  This is going to be the trip to end them all…will you be there to witness it?  If you will, I must warn you that I've been told cell phone reception is spotty on the ocean, so incriminating photos of me will probably not show up instantly on your Facebook feed.  Thank God for small favors!!

Also, we will dance at Rancheros in Naperville again, but only on nights when there are no sports games.  Stay tuned for future dance dates!

Warrenville's All Levels Line Dance class of SATURDAY AUGUST 30 has been cancelled.  Please make a note of it if that is your regular class.

Don't forget to make plans to attend Rich Parrotte's memorial on FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 5 at Cadillac Ranch between 6-7 pm.  It will be a healing time for all of us.

Lots to remember – I'll see you on the dance floor!  Enjoy your holiday weekend. 🙂

Janet Kruse

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