Just this week I read a blurb on Facebook reminding us to forgive people who we feel have wronged us.  Not an easy task, as it’s so much more gratifying to hold on to our pain and remind ourselves how much we’ve been hurt.  That must be one of the reason’s Elsa’s song, Let It Go, was such a hit (from the movie, Frozen, of course) – it resonates with all of us.  Scripture is clear that we should forgive, difficult as it is.  When we do not forgive, we are only hurting ourselves with the resulting stress – the person we are angry with generally is not upset in return.  So why torment ourselves?  Plus, we never know when we will lose someone; forgiving ensures that we will part with a clean slate.  As this world won’t last forever (even though it seems like it will), time’s a wastin’ – let’s get forgiving and thus living in more peace for the time we have left to live!

Reminder, the clock is ticking in other areas too:

  • Final EARLY BIRD CRUISE DANCE LESSONS PASS deadline is Saturday, December 20th, at midnight CST.  Pick up your ticket here
  • Claim your FREE HOLIDAY DANCE DVD with the purchase of any DVD Box Set here (offer expires at midnight Sunday, December 21st)
  • This Saturday, December 20th, is the last day of lessons.  WE RESUME JANUARY 5th.
  • Our annual CHRISTMAS DANCE is this Saturday, December 20th, from 7- 10 in Warrenville

I’ll see you – with a genuine smile – on the dance floor!

Janet Kruse

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