Good Morning,

As you may have heard through the grapevine, I have a “Girls’ Weekend” trip planned  to visit with choreographer Lynn Card at her sister Kim’s house in Phoenix Arizona TODAY through Wednesday. I checked into my flight last night; within a half hour I received multiple notices that Chicago had ordered a mandatory 14 day quarantine for anyone who is arriving into a Chicago airport from Arizona, effective Monday.  

No matter how I tried to I think I would not have to quarantine upon return, I can’t figure out a way not to. My flight arrives Wednesday into O’Hare; that’s Chicago. Here’s the info:

Our group has come so far dancing; even though I’m still teaching some virtual classes for those of you who are not comfortable going out yet, I’m also dancing in person with a lot of you 6 times a week. We are all starting to heal from our isolation – including me. I cannot quarantine and get away from that for two weeks. If I ignore the quarantine order, I send you the message that I don’t value your health, and I can’t do that either. Frankly, you are more important, so I’ve cancelled the trip. 
I’m looking forward to dancing with you this weekend during outdoor Independence Day celebrations, weather permitting, starting this morning, actually. I usually hosts intermediate dancing in the parking lot of my condo on Fridays, but EFFECTIVE THIS MORNING, that dance time is moving to Faith Baptist Church, 27W010 Parkway Drive in Winfield, from 10 a.m. to 11:30. We will dance BEGINNER 2 dances instead of intermediate as I realized I didn’t have enough in person Beginner 2 get-togethers. We danced there Wednesday and even though it was hot, we are dancing in the shade and I have two box fans. It was actually relatively comfortable.

I hope to see you soon! And I will continue to do so! 
Love & virtual hugs,